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Letter to Natalie (for her to read when she turns 18)

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Dear Natalie,

As I write this letter you are 5 years old and I already know a lot about how your future is going to be. To say it in a few words: I am are sure that you will make all your dreams come true. Everything about your personality tells me that. We have known this since May 16 of 2003, the very day when you were born. But let me tell you more about yourself.

Being pregnant with you was the easiest thing in the whole world. I used to run upstairs to my studio and you liked that a lot, once I got up there you started kicking me, that was your way to say: I like this Mommy, do it again! We really had a great communication via your kicks :)

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I remember May 16 of 2003 so well! We still had 5 long weeks ahead of us before your arrival. That day Bill and I were getting ready to go to bed, he was supposed to travel to London the day after and just as a little joke I told him: Billy, how about if the baby is born when you're in London? That's impossible- he said :) But then a couple of minutes later my water broke, well, you broke it and I just started laughing! Can you believe it?

I said: Billy, you're going to think that I am kidding but my water just broke!. What? Are you sure???? And the race started right away!I arrived at the hospital with a big smile on my face. One of the nurses said: this is the first time that someone in your condition arrives here in such a happy mood! 

You didn't even want to wait for the Doctor. The nurses had to take care of the whole delivery because you started showing up too soon! It was the quickest delivery ever. From that day on we realized that you were not going to be the girl that waits for things to happen, you were going to make things happen by yourself. And that has never changed in this five years. 

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But let me tell you some of the most remarkable things about the way you are:

1.More than asking for things you have always had an instinct for providing yourself with what you need or want, that has made you a very independent girl.

2. You never ever take no as an answer. Once you know what you want you never ever give up and you keep exploring all the possible ways for you to get what you want.

3.You always apologize when you think that you have done something wrong. You do this without being asked for it and that's great.

4. You are an amazing and caring sister to Diego and Miro. Remember that day when Diego was in the playground and another boy came to bully him? You came running from nowhere and stood up in front of the boy and with the loudest voice ever you said: STOP IT! DON'T YOU SEE THAT HE IS MY LITTLE BROTHER! GO! The boy run away because you scared him so much!

Natalie diego

5. You spend a big deal of your time drawing and writing letters for everyone in the family, for friends and teachers. You are so generous.

6. Your heart is full of love and passion, you have recently fallen in love for the first time. He loves you too and it has been an amazing thing for us and for his parents to watch. As adults we forget that love has no age. You are a real inspiration.

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And since you should be reading this letter on May 16 of 2021 you are going to be celebrating your 18th birthday! Happy Birthday Natalie! Today you are becoming an adult and life is right in front of you full of new things and surprises. I just want to say from today, April 7 of 2009 that you should be so proud of yourself! You are a very special girl and we know that you are going to have a great life. We know that the hard side of life is not going to scare you at all, it is going to teach you important lessons and the happy side of it is going to be the prize for all you gifts, your talents and your qualities. Go ahead and follow your dreams, they are waiting for you!

I love you with all my heart and that I am so lucky to be your Mom!

Un abrazo grandisimo!
Tu Mami :)

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