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Dear Friend,

Today I am excited to tell you that I had the honor to be interviewed by DISCO UNDERWORLD, an inspiring digital magazine filled with profiles of diverse people from all over the world. Answering all the questions was a real pleasure. HERE is the direct link to my interview. In order to read it, just click on the arrows to pass the pages, it is very easy. And right at the end of the interview (in a pink box with this color) you have the option to vote for your friend Elsita. Thank you so much!

You should also check out the previous issues, there is a lot of inspiration in its pages :)

But I also wanted to let you know that my friend Kirsten is having a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY THIS WEEK! Yay!!!! You're going to love the prizes! Hurry up to leave your comments!! Yay!!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Elsita :)

And on The Hidden Seed today: My First Dress :)