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Diego's Progress!

Dear Friend,

As I promised yesterday today I am back with Diego. Just take a look at his picture and you will see all the progress after several months of intense therapy:


I never ever thought that Diego was going to be able to sit down for me to take his picture. A few months ago that was an impossible thing. He couldn't control his own body. But this time he sat down for the picture and even smiled  when I asked him to do so. Doesn't he look adorable?! It would be too long for me to explain all the details of his progress but here are some things that he can do now:


*He can finally eat by himself using a fork and a spoon
*He can drink form a cup
*He can take his clothes off by himself
*He can finally play all sorts of symbolic games like Doctor, Farmer, Electrician, train station...
*He can draw a circle and other simple geometric shapes
*He knows the whole alphabet by memory

*He knows the numbers 
*He can put a big puzzle together (120 pieces and more!)
*He initiates verbal communication with us 
*He has more eye contact
*He follows directions better
*He plays great with Natalie even though she's always the one that initiates the play
*He knows the individual names of all the children's dvd's that we have at home (we have many!!!) and he asks for the particular one that he wants to watch
*He understands these basic feelings better: happy, sad, scared, cold, hot, tired, hungry.
*He says: no thanks! when he doesn't want something that we're offering

In a few words: he is a lot more connected with the people and the world around him. There was a time when he just stared at no particular point. It was as if he was never present. We see the results of his hard work everyday. Bill, Miro, Natalie myself and the rest of the family are so extremely proud of him! And today I wanted to share it with you!

Have a wonderful day !

Elsita :)

And today you can see me Here with a new friend :)

Natalie! :)

Dear friend!

I am so excited to be back in this blog with some wonderful news! Bill and I recently had our parent conference with Natalie's teacher and she is doing amazing. Then the teacher said something great: Natalie has been identified as gifted in the categories of Visual Arts and Performing. Isn't that wonderful?!!! 

Natalie's portrait march 2009 copy

We had already noticed her extraordinary talents since she was one year old, but as parents we always see our kids as little genius. Hearing this directly from her teacher was such a beautiful experience :) Being in this category is important for Natalie because it will help her get into the right programs/schools in the future. Natalie is currently attending a public Magnet school and we couldn't be happier with the place. (Our dream is for our other little genius to attend the same school in the future when he's ready. I will tell you more about him tomorrow :)

Yay!!! Viva Natalie!!!!! She is also very modest, we explained her everything about being gifted but she just gave us a little smile (like in the picture) and then she kept drawing on the kitchen table. That's something special that we love about our little girl: she has a beautiful soul.

And have a great Monday!
Elsita :)

And on The Hidden Seed today:
A Sunny Yellow dress :)

Thank you sooo much for being here today!

Please, follow me because the secret that I want to unveil today is some special place that I have created for you. CLICK HERE and I will literally see you there in a second.

Elsita :)

More Little Ones (and something else :o)

And today I wanted to finish the week with some new characters. These are the last ones of the group that I finished this month. I hope that I can create new ones maybe in April :) I really enjoy making them! Now let me introduce them to you:

6 copy

Acuario Marino: Goldfish lover (he is almost becoming one of them) Too many hours in front of the fish tank as you can see. 

7 copy

Rigoletto Mendozo: Bartender in the morning, Community College Drama Student at night.

8 copy

Hipolito Perucho: Skilled crafter, member of a family with a long tradition in hat making. 

9 copy

Vaquita Baquelita: Collector of anything vintage with a focus on small ladybug brooches.

A copy

Mariquita Augusta: Costume designer, specializing in Halloween themes and festive suits for small dogs.

(I will be listing these little people on my Etsy store today as soon as I have a chance :)


I just wanted to let you know OFFICIALLY that I will unveil the mystery that I have been talking about on Monday :) Yay!!!

I wish you a happy Friday, a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to see you on Monday!!!!


Elsita :)

Still Cooking!

Take a look at the montage that my friend Cynthia made for me yesterday! I love it! Look at Bill polishing his car and me polishing everything in the kitchen! We deserve the clean couple award!! I love it!

Elsita and Bill

And I am still here in the "kitchen" department polishing the new "thing" that I am putting together for you. I am enjoying it so much! I want to say that I had sooo much fun reading your comments from yesterday! I didn't find the right guessing yet but it has been really fun to go through all your ideas :)
If everything goes as planned I will reveal the mystery on Monday so you can finally see what I have been working on.

Lots of love and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Something is Cooking :)

Dear friend,

Here is a little secret for you: I am cooking something :) I will give you some clues: It is unexpected, it is for you because I would have never thought about doing it if I didn't know you. It is not something that you can eat and I am so excited about it. I am working on it and I cannot wait to share it with you when I am ready. Yay!! Let's keep the mystery because that way is more fun. I don't think that you're going to guess what it is but you can give it a try if you want :) Yay!!
Lots of love!!
Elsita :)

More Little Characters :)

And today I am back with some new little characters to make us smile :)

11(small) copy

Lauralee del Rincon: Her dream is to become a School Principal when she grows up.

2 copy

Ingrid Velazco: Is learning all kinds of facial expressions from her drama class. She practices in front of a mirror three times a day.

3 copy

Paulino Aguamarino: He wouldn't kill a fly! (yeah, that's what people think)

4 copy

Robertina Arroyo: She runs a small business arranging and selling miniature dry flowers. She is the best. 

55 copy

Guapi Almendros: A first grade Teacher. In his spare time Guapi attends a book club group with a focus on poetry. Almendros writes his owns poems in secret (not ready yet for sharing them though, that's OK).


The first two dollies have been already adopted but I will list the other three on my Etsy store today. Yay!!

Have a great day my friend!!!

Elsita :)


Ooooooh dear friend!!!!!

I am soooo extremely excited about this post!!! Because it is about my little book with the flower people!!!! The final title of the book is Blossom Buddies, I think that it is a great title (given by the editors :)


The book is coming out in April and I can't wait to see it in person! 

Pag. detail 

Something that makes me craaaaaazy excited and honored is that my favorite store in the world: ANTHROPOLOGIE , has already ordered a number of copies for distribution!!!! Isn't that wonderful?!!!! I almost had a heart attack when I found out about it!!!!

I have placed a picture of the book on the left sidebar of this blog; by clicking on it you will be able to learn more details about Blossom Buddies, you will also see a few pictures of the characters in it and  I have also place a link to Amazon, where you can pre-order the book. Yay!!!

Lots of love!!! 
From your super happy friend Elsita, that never ever thought that she was going to have a librito published!!! Yay!!!!