Dream Dress :)

We got the Confirmation yesterday!!!!

Yay my frieeeeeend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill and I will be attending the Oscars ceremony on Sunday!
We didn't get the confirmation until yesterday, this whole Oscar thing is complicated sometimes, that's why I was just waiting for the confirmation so I could let you know. Isn't that exciting!!!!!?????

Now the challenge/question is this: Will I be able to make myself a dress for Sunday? I only have 4 days counting today!!!! Any ideas for inspiration? Any links to places where I could get inspired! Anything would be highly appreciated!!! 

I invite you to join me in this new Oscar adventure! I will report the whole experience for you as I did the last time. We're not allowed to bring cameras but I will make sure that I bring my two eye balls!!!!  Yay!!!!

See you later!!!!!

Elsita :)
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