Oscars Report (part 3: The Ride)

Last Oscars Report :)

The Oscars ceremony this year was nice and a little different. I loved the way they did the presentation of the nominees and I also enjoyed Hugh Jackman a lot :)


 He was a wonderful host not only for the TV part but also during the brakes when people like Bill and I just had to wait in our seats. He made us laugh and have the best time. 

For example:

* At some point during one of the breaks he unexpectedly came out to the stage with a little note that he wanted to share with us so he read it: Darling, you are doing amazing but I am STARVING!!! I NEED SOME COOKIES!!! This was all real, the handwritten note was from his wife!!! A minute after he read the note someone gave him some cookies from behind the stage and he came down to give them to his wife but since there were more than she could possibly eat, he started offering cookies to everyone. Bill and I were hungry but we were too far to get up, get the cookies and come back to our seats, we only had a few seconds. The show manager kept saying: COME ON MAN!! WE ONLY HAVE 20 SECONDS, 19 SECONDS, 18 SECONDS....It seemed that Hugh was not going to make it back to the stage on time but he was sooo fast!! He always made it back right on time, in the last second! That keep the audience over there super excited and entertained!


* The second fun thing that he did was about the piece where he sings and dances with Beyonce. In the very beginning I don't know if you saw it, when he starts singing he catches a black cane that comes flying to him from the audience. That little thing was his idea. During one of the breaks he asked Brad Pitt to help him with this, Brat just had to throw the cane to him so they practiced a couple of times. Brat was not prepared for this request at all but he was super nice and he did it perfect.  Angelina was laughing a lot.

*The third event that was very entertaining didn't have to do with Hugh Jackman but with some fancy lady with a big hair that had to be taken away by 5 gentlemen because it looked like she had decided to have a couple of extra drinks before the ceremony. She seemed to be floating in the air while the five gentleman carried her away with class and discretion.  The whole thing was sooo funny! Imagine the 5 gentleman looking very formal in contrast to the abandon that the lady expressed through her body position and face, it was like a real life comedy :o :)

I don't need to tell you about the rest of the ceremony because it was all on TV. There were sooo many beautiful dresses, some really moving moments, great acceptance speeches... Bill and I were jumping when they announced the 2 Oscars for Milk!!! That was the happiest moment for us!

After the ceremony was finished we went to a party dedicated to Milk were we had a super late yummy dinner. That was the time to share our excitement with anybody connected to the movie. At that time I was the only lady with her shoes still on, the rest had super high heals and they had to get rid of them. We got home late, exhausted but happy! I wrote you a little note here in my blog and next day I was back to normal :)

I want to finish this post saying that the best part about the Oscars is sharing the experience with you :) I hope that you had fun reading these reports! Yay!!!!

Now let's have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love!!

Elsita :)