Oscars Report (part 2: The accessories)
Last Oscars Report :)

Oscars Report (part 3: The Ride)

The thing that makes a big difference about the ride to the Oscars is the personality of the driver and we were so lucky to have a wonderful driver. It was his first Oscars experience and I think that he enjoyed every bit of it without taking it too seriously. He was so sweet and funny!


During the ride you always see an ocean of limousines going through inspection.

The ride signs

You also see the most interesting characters with the most unexpected signs on the sidewalk. I took some pictures of them from our car. Our driver said that the signs didn't inspire him that much :o The one with the BURN word scared me to death!  :0


The man in the photo above was saying the most complicated things through his laud amplifier; a mix of history, religion, philosophy, comedy, live TV show and politics. 

There was also an old man carrying a huge sign saying: ALL I WANT IS A RECORD DEAL, he was singing a capella. I have seen him each one of the three times that I have been to the Ocars. I wish that I could give him a record deal, he deserves it just for not giving up.

On our left we saw Mickey Rourke, he seemed very calm looking to the crowd through the car window. I wondered all the time what he was thinking about. If you haven't seen his movie, The Wrestler, you are missing a very powerful film. His performance was so deep and honest and stunning that a week after I saw it I was still thinking about it and even crying. Through his character, I got to revisit the pain that I experienced myself many years ago when I was struggling in Cuba. This is a movie that makes you think a lot about all the different aspects of life. 

And during the ride to the Oscars you get to think a lot about those different aspects of life: About the constant human desire to be successful, about the need of being loved and recognized, about the struggles that we go through in order to make our dreams come true... During that little ride on Sunday I was thinking that in the end real life is the most amazing movie ever for each one of us, because we are always the hero in it , because we get to deeply experience our own unique story and because we always have the choice to enjoy a happy ending. I think that every person deserves an Oscar! :)

And tomorrow I will tell you about the ceremony and a few things that you didn't see on TV.

Have a great day my friend!!

Elsita :)