Oscars Report (part 1: The outfit)
Oscars Report (part 3: The Ride)

Oscars Report (part 2: The accessories)

Yay!! Here is a whole post dedicated to the accessories that I took to the Oscars. Oh accessories! those little things that make such a nice difference when we want to complete a look.

Folded shwal copy

This is a shawl that I absolutely adore and it was made with so much care, all by hand. I purchased it in Vietnam during the same trip where I got the top.

Shwal copy 2

The fabric is a very light and beautiful kind of silk, ivory color.

Shwal detail copy 

The detail is just amazing. I can spend hours just looking at this embroidery.

The jungle 1 copy 

And here is The Jungle again , this time it got SO MANY compliments. Yay!! I can't wait to design some new necklaces with this style.

The Jungle detail copy

Here we see a close up. I remember having the best time of my life making this necklace. Each part of the process was so exciting! I can wear this piece with the most simple outfit and it always works great.

DSC_0003 copy

I wore these mini 18k gold earrings with tiny diamonds. they are from New York, I purchased them some years ago, before I became a Mom. They bring the most beautiful memories to my mind because that was the time when Bill and I used to travel together a lot :)


These Biala Italian shoes are the best! Maybe not super fancy because the heals are not that high but they are sooo comfortable and they look really sweet in person :)

Purse copy

And this is the purse that completed the look. It is vintage and I also love it! I have a whole collection of beautiful vintage purses that I get from flea markets and the most that I ever payed for one of them was $20.

Purse detail copy

Here is a detail of the handmade beaded surface.

Bill and I copy

And I wanted to leave my best accessory for the end!!! His name is Bill, he is vintage from 1959 and he is in good condition!!!


Have a great day my friend!!!

Elsita :)