Oscars Report (part 2: The accessories)

Oscars Report (part 1: The outfit)

And here I can finally show you some better photos of my Oscar outfit. Bill took these pictures very quickly before we left. Thank you Billy!

Elsa dress copy

The outfit is simple as you can see but it looked nice and feminine and it was also very comfortable.

Back copy

As I told you before I made the skirt myself, the design is super basic. I can wear this skirt over and over with many different tops, that's what i like the most about it.

Face copy

The top is so lovely in person, the color is light but not as white as in the pictures, the real color is ivory and the kind of fabric: silk. I got this top in Vietnam in my last trip with Bill and I love it! When  I first bought it it was too large for me but now is perfect since I have gained some weight since then. Yay!!

And now I have to run!!!
But I will be back tomorrow with some details about the accessories that we can't see in these pictures (shawl, purse, shoes, earrings and necklace)

Have a wonderful day!!

Elsita :)