We got the Confirmation yesterday!!!!
New Characters!

Dream Dress :)

Good Morning my friend!

Today I wanted to show you one of the most beautiful dresses that I have ever seen on Etsy! I found it at myfavoritevintage, what a great store!


I wanted to purchase it for Sunday but unfortunately it is too small for me :( 


Don't you love the color, texture and all the amazing details?


What a dreamy design!


As I was telling the store owner I would have fit in it a few months ago, but right now I am quiet a few pounds overweigh for my size, nothing too serious. I just have to stop stealing snacks from the kids, Stacy's pita chips to be more exact :o) If you haven't tried them yet, please don't!!!!!


Yesterday was a super busy day. Bill and I had to spend the morning in some important meeting Diego-related and then I had a million things to do.
But then at night I got some nice silk fabric that I had in my studio and I made a long and simple skirt that I like a lot, the color is a light beige. so, for the Oscars, I have decided to wear that skirt with a beautiful ivory, almost white silk top that I got in Vietnam. The two pieces look great together, really elegant and perfect for adding some accessories like jewelry or some hair piece.

And regarding the hair department, I am going to do something that I have never done before, I am going to blow dry my hair for Sunday. My curly hair is really easy to maintain, I cut it myself and I never do anything else than wash it and let it dry. I have done the same thing for about 37 years that's why I am so excited about trying something new, just for fun. I never ever go to the hair salon but I will give myself a little treat on Saturday. Bill's Assistant gave me a hand making the appointment, she is soooooo nice, Thank you Laurie!!! I am not sure if the blow dry little thing will stay still OK for Sunday if I do it on Saturday. Any advice about this? 

The makeup will be simple, I will do it myself and the most important thing is that I will see this event as a way to have lots of fun an disconnect a little bit from my super busy life. These events are always so much fun, not as serious as they look on TV :) You hear lots of jokes, from the stars and everybody else.

And before I go I want to thank you sooo much for all the links and ideas and e-mails from yesterday, I got really inspired to make like 20 dresses for future fancy events!

Now let's have a great day!!!!!

Elsita :)