A Flower Pin :)

Tiny Hollywood Report from Elsita :)

Dear friend, we are right now in what's called the award season here in Hollywood. That means lots of parties going on pre-Oscars related. Once in a while I join Bill in these events and they are always so fascinating from my own outsider point of view, I enjoy them a lot, specially the yummy food :o but also getting to meet some stars in person :) 


One of the most wonderful people that I met in one these parties was Jon Hamm, you see his picture above. I don't watch TV due to the lack of time but I understand that he is a big star from a TV series named Mad Men.

This man is not only extremely handsome in person, but he is also one of the most down to earth guys from Hollywood. I was briefly introduced to him and he was so charming! I stayed discretly on the side while he was talking with Bill and another person, then, before we left he pointed at the necklace that I was wearing and said: "your necklace is so beautiful, I love it!" Can you believe it!!!!???? Big stars are normally too busy in their own ego-worlds and they don't notice anything around them, that's why I was so surprised to get Jon's compliment. I gave him a BIG THANK YOU and he gave me a beautiful smile back. Just perfect! 

It takes so little to make another person happy, it is all about the small things and I think that Jon Hamm understands that. Yay for Jon Hamm!!!!!

And see you tomorrow!

Elsita :)

(Have you ever watched Mad Men on TV?)