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Last Oscars Report :)

The Oscars ceremony this year was nice and a little different. I loved the way they did the presentation of the nominees and I also enjoyed Hugh Jackman a lot :)


 He was a wonderful host not only for the TV part but also during the brakes when people like Bill and I just had to wait in our seats. He made us laugh and have the best time. 

For example:

* At some point during one of the breaks he unexpectedly came out to the stage with a little note that he wanted to share with us so he read it: Darling, you are doing amazing but I am STARVING!!! I NEED SOME COOKIES!!! This was all real, the handwritten note was from his wife!!! A minute after he read the note someone gave him some cookies from behind the stage and he came down to give them to his wife but since there were more than she could possibly eat, he started offering cookies to everyone. Bill and I were hungry but we were too far to get up, get the cookies and come back to our seats, we only had a few seconds. The show manager kept saying: COME ON MAN!! WE ONLY HAVE 20 SECONDS, 19 SECONDS, 18 SECONDS....It seemed that Hugh was not going to make it back to the stage on time but he was sooo fast!! He always made it back right on time, in the last second! That keep the audience over there super excited and entertained!


* The second fun thing that he did was about the piece where he sings and dances with Beyonce. In the very beginning I don't know if you saw it, when he starts singing he catches a black cane that comes flying to him from the audience. That little thing was his idea. During one of the breaks he asked Brad Pitt to help him with this, Brat just had to throw the cane to him so they practiced a couple of times. Brat was not prepared for this request at all but he was super nice and he did it perfect.  Angelina was laughing a lot.

*The third event that was very entertaining didn't have to do with Hugh Jackman but with some fancy lady with a big hair that had to be taken away by 5 gentlemen because it looked like she had decided to have a couple of extra drinks before the ceremony. She seemed to be floating in the air while the five gentleman carried her away with class and discretion.  The whole thing was sooo funny! Imagine the 5 gentleman looking very formal in contrast to the abandon that the lady expressed through her body position and face, it was like a real life comedy :o :)

I don't need to tell you about the rest of the ceremony because it was all on TV. There were sooo many beautiful dresses, some really moving moments, great acceptance speeches... Bill and I were jumping when they announced the 2 Oscars for Milk!!! That was the happiest moment for us!

After the ceremony was finished we went to a party dedicated to Milk were we had a super late yummy dinner. That was the time to share our excitement with anybody connected to the movie. At that time I was the only lady with her shoes still on, the rest had super high heals and they had to get rid of them. We got home late, exhausted but happy! I wrote you a little note here in my blog and next day I was back to normal :)

I want to finish this post saying that the best part about the Oscars is sharing the experience with you :) I hope that you had fun reading these reports! Yay!!!!

Now let's have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love!!

Elsita :)

Oscars Report (part 3: The Ride)

The thing that makes a big difference about the ride to the Oscars is the personality of the driver and we were so lucky to have a wonderful driver. It was his first Oscars experience and I think that he enjoyed every bit of it without taking it too seriously. He was so sweet and funny!


During the ride you always see an ocean of limousines going through inspection.

The ride signs

You also see the most interesting characters with the most unexpected signs on the sidewalk. I took some pictures of them from our car. Our driver said that the signs didn't inspire him that much :o The one with the BURN word scared me to death!  :0


The man in the photo above was saying the most complicated things through his laud amplifier; a mix of history, religion, philosophy, comedy, live TV show and politics. 

There was also an old man carrying a huge sign saying: ALL I WANT IS A RECORD DEAL, he was singing a capella. I have seen him each one of the three times that I have been to the Ocars. I wish that I could give him a record deal, he deserves it just for not giving up.

On our left we saw Mickey Rourke, he seemed very calm looking to the crowd through the car window. I wondered all the time what he was thinking about. If you haven't seen his movie, The Wrestler, you are missing a very powerful film. His performance was so deep and honest and stunning that a week after I saw it I was still thinking about it and even crying. Through his character, I got to revisit the pain that I experienced myself many years ago when I was struggling in Cuba. This is a movie that makes you think a lot about all the different aspects of life. 

And during the ride to the Oscars you get to think a lot about those different aspects of life: About the constant human desire to be successful, about the need of being loved and recognized, about the struggles that we go through in order to make our dreams come true... During that little ride on Sunday I was thinking that in the end real life is the most amazing movie ever for each one of us, because we are always the hero in it , because we get to deeply experience our own unique story and because we always have the choice to enjoy a happy ending. I think that every person deserves an Oscar! :)

And tomorrow I will tell you about the ceremony and a few things that you didn't see on TV.

Have a great day my friend!!

Elsita :)

Oscars Report (part 2: The accessories)

Yay!! Here is a whole post dedicated to the accessories that I took to the Oscars. Oh accessories! those little things that make such a nice difference when we want to complete a look.

Folded shwal copy

This is a shawl that I absolutely adore and it was made with so much care, all by hand. I purchased it in Vietnam during the same trip where I got the top.

Shwal copy 2

The fabric is a very light and beautiful kind of silk, ivory color.

Shwal detail copy 

The detail is just amazing. I can spend hours just looking at this embroidery.

The jungle 1 copy 

And here is The Jungle again , this time it got SO MANY compliments. Yay!! I can't wait to design some new necklaces with this style.

The Jungle detail copy

Here we see a close up. I remember having the best time of my life making this necklace. Each part of the process was so exciting! I can wear this piece with the most simple outfit and it always works great.

DSC_0003 copy

I wore these mini 18k gold earrings with tiny diamonds. they are from New York, I purchased them some years ago, before I became a Mom. They bring the most beautiful memories to my mind because that was the time when Bill and I used to travel together a lot :)


These Biala Italian shoes are the best! Maybe not super fancy because the heals are not that high but they are sooo comfortable and they look really sweet in person :)

Purse copy

And this is the purse that completed the look. It is vintage and I also love it! I have a whole collection of beautiful vintage purses that I get from flea markets and the most that I ever payed for one of them was $20.

Purse detail copy

Here is a detail of the handmade beaded surface.

Bill and I copy

And I wanted to leave my best accessory for the end!!! His name is Bill, he is vintage from 1959 and he is in good condition!!!


Have a great day my friend!!!

Elsita :)

Oscars Report (part 1: The outfit)

And here I can finally show you some better photos of my Oscar outfit. Bill took these pictures very quickly before we left. Thank you Billy!

Elsa dress copy

The outfit is simple as you can see but it looked nice and feminine and it was also very comfortable.

Back copy

As I told you before I made the skirt myself, the design is super basic. I can wear this skirt over and over with many different tops, that's what i like the most about it.

Face copy

The top is so lovely in person, the color is light but not as white as in the pictures, the real color is ivory and the kind of fabric: silk. I got this top in Vietnam in my last trip with Bill and I love it! When  I first bought it it was too large for me but now is perfect since I have gained some weight since then. Yay!!

And now I have to run!!!
But I will be back tomorrow with some details about the accessories that we can't see in these pictures (shawl, purse, shoes, earrings and necklace)

Have a wonderful day!!

Elsita :)


You will read this on Monday but as I write this post it is Sunday (very late! almost Monday) and Bill and I just came back from the Oscars, or to be more exact from a party that happened immediately after the Oscars. We are exhausted and HAPPY!!!! Because Milk won 2 Oscars!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
The terrible photos is this post were taken from Bill's cell phone. I hope that the tall naked guy in the first picture (or my face) doesn't scare you!!!!



I will be back as soon as possible with a proper Oscars report!

Have a great day my friend!!!!!!

Elsita :)

New Characters!


I wanted to come back today with a little part of what I have been making for my Etsy store :)

B copy

Natasha Rubio, who makes a gently zzz sound whenever there is an S in her words :)

Bb copy

C copy 

Ipolito Ausente and Alina Perez, best friends since Kindergarten :)

Cc copy

Dddd copy 

Anamaria Sulueta, shy and reserved, best knitter in town :)

Dd copy

Eee copy

Coralina Coral, aspiring Opera singer, youngest child of a large family:)

E copy

All little friends to make us smile! 

I found a great quote here , I couldn't see who the author was but it says:

“It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.”

And it is exactly personality what I try to capture in these little characters. I love classic beauty, but what makes my heart really happy is finding the hidden beauty behind a person/animal/thing that is not beautiful in the classic sense of the word. 

I have 10 more of these little friends that I am working on but I have already listed these 5 ones on my store. Let's wish them good luck finding that special person that will love them exactly for what they are :) Yay!!!!

And let's remember that what really matters is our inner beauty and personality, as it was said in the quote above.

Lots of love!!!!!!
Elsita :)

Dream Dress :)

Good Morning my friend!

Today I wanted to show you one of the most beautiful dresses that I have ever seen on Etsy! I found it at myfavoritevintage, what a great store!


I wanted to purchase it for Sunday but unfortunately it is too small for me :( 


Don't you love the color, texture and all the amazing details?


What a dreamy design!


As I was telling the store owner I would have fit in it a few months ago, but right now I am quiet a few pounds overweigh for my size, nothing too serious. I just have to stop stealing snacks from the kids, Stacy's pita chips to be more exact :o) If you haven't tried them yet, please don't!!!!!


Yesterday was a super busy day. Bill and I had to spend the morning in some important meeting Diego-related and then I had a million things to do.
But then at night I got some nice silk fabric that I had in my studio and I made a long and simple skirt that I like a lot, the color is a light beige. so, for the Oscars, I have decided to wear that skirt with a beautiful ivory, almost white silk top that I got in Vietnam. The two pieces look great together, really elegant and perfect for adding some accessories like jewelry or some hair piece.

And regarding the hair department, I am going to do something that I have never done before, I am going to blow dry my hair for Sunday. My curly hair is really easy to maintain, I cut it myself and I never do anything else than wash it and let it dry. I have done the same thing for about 37 years that's why I am so excited about trying something new, just for fun. I never ever go to the hair salon but I will give myself a little treat on Saturday. Bill's Assistant gave me a hand making the appointment, she is soooooo nice, Thank you Laurie!!! I am not sure if the blow dry little thing will stay still OK for Sunday if I do it on Saturday. Any advice about this? 

The makeup will be simple, I will do it myself and the most important thing is that I will see this event as a way to have lots of fun an disconnect a little bit from my super busy life. These events are always so much fun, not as serious as they look on TV :) You hear lots of jokes, from the stars and everybody else.

And before I go I want to thank you sooo much for all the links and ideas and e-mails from yesterday, I got really inspired to make like 20 dresses for future fancy events!

Now let's have a great day!!!!!

Elsita :)

We got the Confirmation yesterday!!!!

Yay my frieeeeeend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill and I will be attending the Oscars ceremony on Sunday!
We didn't get the confirmation until yesterday, this whole Oscar thing is complicated sometimes, that's why I was just waiting for the confirmation so I could let you know. Isn't that exciting!!!!!?????

Now the challenge/question is this: Will I be able to make myself a dress for Sunday? I only have 4 days counting today!!!! Any ideas for inspiration? Any links to places where I could get inspired! Anything would be highly appreciated!!! 

I invite you to join me in this new Oscar adventure! I will report the whole experience for you as I did the last time. We're not allowed to bring cameras but I will make sure that I bring my two eye balls!!!!  Yay!!!!

See you later!!!!!

Elsita :)
Illustration courtesy of :o


Libelula means dragonfly in Spanish and that's exactly the title of this new drawing that I am so excited to share with you today :)

Libelula (small)

Would you share your interpretations of this drawing with me? I would love to hear what you think!

Libelula (small detail)

I also have a link to a great tutorial for you: Make a Paper Dragonfly :)

Libelula (girl detail)
And as a last little note I would like to let you know that this week Bill will be publishing a series of posts on his blog under the name: ALL THINGS WONDERFUL, inspired by the name of his company. I am sooo curious about them! I invite you to join him in this adventure :)

Have a great day my friend!

Elsita :)