Winter Drawings :)
Studio Ready!

We Made cupcakes! :)

Natalie and I made cupcakes! Yay!!! all in white and red. We are spending lots of time in the kitchen in these days.


I am spending 100% of the time with the kids at home until they start school on the 12th. An even after that I will need to keep taking care of everything 100% because I won't have any help. Our dear Nanny is recovering from a surgery. We wish her a quick recovery. But if everything goes as planned my Mom should arrive soon from Florida! Yay!!! She offered to give me a hand and I said : SI, ven para aca!!!! 

But the one single person that has have no rest at all is Diego. He is having home therapies for hours all the time and he is doing great. In that case Natalie needs extra attention. She has a hard time sometimes understanding why so many people come to "play" with Diego and not with her. She asked me the other day if it was possible for her to be Autistic too? I said OK and then we played special games.

I am trying to do things that keep her busy and happy while Diego is in his therapies. We are having a great time! But once in a while she participates in the therapies too.

Now I am going back to my full-time job as a Mom!!!!

Have a wonderful Monday my friend!!

Elsita :)