Congratulations Billy!!!!!!!
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Bill's New Office :)

I am sooo exited about Bill's new office! I love it!!! I have been looking forward to sharing some pictures of it with you here and today I can finally say: Let's go for a little tour! 

ABill's office 

This office is located in a wonderful (just remodeled) building with a vintage-industrial-organic-tasteful-cool-independent feeling/style, located in a great area in Los Angeles. This building is owned by Bill's friend who is a Commercial Director and a beautiful human being. There is a lot of good creative energy going on in this space all the time.


Bill did a wonderful job turning this office into a cozy and inspiring space from which he will be running Wonderful Films. His assistant (she is getting married soon! We love her!) will operate from a different space in the same building.

Bill's office 1 

As you can see Bill placed large photographs of the children close to his desk, they are always his main source of inspiration :) 

The four framed pictures above the bookcase are original vintage paintings from the time when the Hollywood posters were designed 100% by hand, including the fonts. They are amazing in person.

Artwork wall
Bill has a great taste for furniture, every piece in his office is special. 

The office only needs a wife's touch!! But I am working on that already :) I am making a large papercut for the raw brick wall that you see in the picture. That will be my special present for Bill's 50th birthday In March.

Bill already knows that I am making this papercut for him, but he is not allowed to see it until March 2nd. Yay!!!! 
Let's wish Bill all the best in his journey as an Independent Producer, I know that the result of his hard work will turn into wonderful movies that we will have the fortune to enjoy. As I said in a previous post, I'm sooo excited about the new projects that he is developing!

Lots of love!!!
Elsita :)