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Is there anything more complex and amazing than the human heart? A heart is something that we all have in common, yet, each one is unique :)

Heart (small)

I have been always so fascinated and intrigued by the way our heart "behaves".

Heart (detail)

And here I have a few questions to start our reflections today: What do you see in this drawing? What do you feel when you look at it? How has your heart treated you in all these years?

Heart (detail1) 

We are free to express any ideas that come to mind, I will write my own ones as a comment in this post later.

Heart (detail2)

I wish you a happy Friday my friend and a wonderful weekend!
See you on Monday!
Elsita :)

The Art of Exercising our Imagination :)


Dear friend, as you can see in the picture above I am so excited about writing this post today :) And the reason is: your participation in my yesterday's post about the Flower Girl drawing. 


I would like to start saying that I have an invisible little box full of treasures. And those treasures are important lessons that I have learned over the years from teachers and other great people. Yesterday's post had to do with one of the lessons in my little box and I would like to share it with you today:


When I was still a very green artist (student) I was lucky enough to attend an art school run by someone great: Ramiro. He was a revolutionary teacher and the things that he did as an art educator were remarkable. 


I have heard that art cannot be taught, maybe that's right and maybe that's wrong. But what I am sure about is that, as creative people, we can exercise our imagination, we can push our mind a little bit further and make it work often so it becomes stronger. Like a muscle, the mind of a creative person needs constant stimulation and Ramiro understood that so well.


One of the things that he did that I consider remarkable was this: He created a program for us to exercise our creative minds. He organized small teams of students and over the school year each team had to put together an art show in the lobby of the school. The team had to work closely to make of the show a success. Each student had to create a few pieces individually and then talk (or write) about them when the group show was up and running. At the same time you were expected to talk about other student's pieces as well.


As you can imagine that was a lot of pressure for a crowd of teenagers that were still very insecure about exposing/sharing their own ideas. But as the shows and the debates started coming out a great thing happened: Suddenly we were all excited about these shows, we couldn't wait to see what people were going to come out with, every student's creativity was on fire and I remember this period as one of the most amazing ones in my creative life.


While reading your interpretations of the drawing yesterday I felt the same excitement that I experimented in the team that I was lucky to be part of so many years ago. There is something so unique and inspiring about expressing/sharing our ideas with other people. Each one of your interpretations was just great and each one was colored with your own unique personality. That's the beauty of every person's point of view, there is never right or wrong when it comes to our imagination, the most important thing is the imagination itself and the fact that we can practice it as much as we want. By doing so we develop our creativity even more. 


There are two things that I miss so much: being a student and being a teacher. I have been thinking a lot about how to bring these two elements together into this blog so that you and I can learn from each other and teach each other at the same time . I have to say that through your interpretations of the Flower Girl drawing I learned amazing things that I was not even aware of and you also brought lots of smiles to my face. Your ideas went way beyond my imagination and to me that's an amazing gift and lesson. I want to thank you so much for your generosity.  

I invite you to keep these interpretation games alive in this blog as a way to stimulate our imagination and as a way to connect with each other through one of the most rewarding things ever: art :) 

Let's do it!
We make such a wonderful team! 
Long life to our amazing creative team!!!!!!
Elsita :)

(If you would like to read my ideas about the Flower Girl drawing I invite you to take a look at the comments in the previous post)

Flower Girl.

I recently finished this Flower Girl drawing and I am so excited to share it with you today  :)

Flower Girl (small)

And today (if you agree) instead of explaining the meaning of this piece, I would like to ask you a question: Is there anything in particular, any idea that comes to mind when you look at this drawing?

Flower Girl detail 1
I am so curious to know what you think :)
Have a wonderful day my friend!
Elsita :)

Squam Art Workshops 2009 GIVEAWAY!!!

Dear friend,
Today I am back with a super exciting giveaway sponsored by the Squam Art Workshops! What is the Squam Art Workshops? Well, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a paradisiac place surrounded by nature and wonderful creative people. Try to picture yourself learning something new from amazing teachers, something that will inspire you and will make your imagination and creativity expand. That's what the Squam Art Workshops are: they are a creative person's dream.

*To know a lot more about the Squam Art Workwhops you can click here
*And to get familiar with the different classes you can explore a little bit here.
*For slideshows that give you a feeling of what it's all about then we click here.
So, today we have two books for our giveaway:  
Ordinary Sparkling Moments (ONE copy) and Roots and Recollections:  A Century of Rockywold-Deephaven Camps (THREE copies). If you are interested in winning one of these books just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the 4 winners on Monday, February 2nd of 2009. The registration for Squam Art Workshops 2009 opens that same Monday.


Now let's take a look at the books:

Ordinary Sparkling Moments by Christine Mason Miller ( was launched at Squam Art Workshops in 2008.  It is a beautiful book that explores the ways in which we can find and celebrate creative inspiration in our daily lives. 


Roots and Recollections:  A Century of Rockywold-Deephaven Camps  by Megan Thorn recounts the extraordinary creation of the RDC camps that was founded in 1897 by two amazing visionaries:Alice Mabel Bacon and Mary Alice Armstrong.  Published in 1997 to commemorate a century of stewardship and continued success, the book features stunning archival photographs of the people, the distinctive architecture of the camps and above all the dramatic beauty of the Squam Lakes region.  Naturally, the book is also replete with stories and anecdotes about this unique family camp that is steeped in rich tradition.

I had the honor to be invited to be one of the teachers at the Squam Art Workshops and I think that this is going to happen next year when my life is a little bit slower, I will be teaching papercutting, I can't wait!!!
But I wish that I could go this year as an student, the teachers that will be in charge of the workshops are sooo great

Have a great Monday!!!!
Elsita :)

Bill's New Office :)

I am sooo exited about Bill's new office! I love it!!! I have been looking forward to sharing some pictures of it with you here and today I can finally say: Let's go for a little tour! 

ABill's office 

This office is located in a wonderful (just remodeled) building with a vintage-industrial-organic-tasteful-cool-independent feeling/style, located in a great area in Los Angeles. This building is owned by Bill's friend who is a Commercial Director and a beautiful human being. There is a lot of good creative energy going on in this space all the time.


Bill did a wonderful job turning this office into a cozy and inspiring space from which he will be running Wonderful Films. His assistant (she is getting married soon! We love her!) will operate from a different space in the same building.

Bill's office 1 

As you can see Bill placed large photographs of the children close to his desk, they are always his main source of inspiration :) 

The four framed pictures above the bookcase are original vintage paintings from the time when the Hollywood posters were designed 100% by hand, including the fonts. They are amazing in person.

Artwork wall
Bill has a great taste for furniture, every piece in his office is special. 

The office only needs a wife's touch!! But I am working on that already :) I am making a large papercut for the raw brick wall that you see in the picture. That will be my special present for Bill's 50th birthday In March.

Bill already knows that I am making this papercut for him, but he is not allowed to see it until March 2nd. Yay!!!! 
Let's wish Bill all the best in his journey as an Independent Producer, I know that the result of his hard work will turn into wonderful movies that we will have the fortune to enjoy. As I said in a previous post, I'm sooo excited about the new projects that he is developing!

Lots of love!!!
Elsita :)

Congratulations Billy!!!!!!!



That is sooo wonderful!!!!!!!! It makes me so happy when a good movie gets the deserved recognition. I want to congratulate and thank Bill for all the effort that he put into helping that movie get made! (His credit is as an Executive Producer) I also want to congratulate Sean Penn for his remarkable performance and every nominee, they all deserve their nominations!!!! Big special congratulations to  Gus Van Sant for his brilliant direction, he was so smart about finding the perfect way to tell such an important story.

And I can't even tell you how excited I am about the new films that Bill is developing right now, this time as an Independent Producer, from his own company WONDERFUL FILMS. I will keep you informed about everything!! 

Have a happy Friday my friend and a great weekend!!
Elsita :)

Little Gift from Bill :)

Billy came back from the Sundance Festival and as always, he brought little gifts for all of us. Mine is the one in the picture and I LOVE it!! Isn't it amazing how the most simple things are the greatest! I wore this pin the whole time yesterday and it felt wonderful.

Creativity can solve anything (small)

I am going to place this pin somewhere close to my computer in the studio so I can remember that CREATIVITY CAN SOLVE ANYTHING. I just wanted to share my little present with you today :)

Have a very creative day my friend!!!

Elsita :)

The Impossible is Finally Possible!

This is something that you need to see to believe: Back in Birmingham artist Willard Wigan has unveiled his microscopic sculpture of Barack and his family that he painted using a dead hair from a fly.


The 51-year-old spent seven weeks making the figures which are smaller than a full stop on a newspaper and fit into the eye of a specially-made gold needle.

But it took a lot longer to witness the historical moment that I felt fortunate to watch on TV yesterday. As you can imagine my Mom and I were in tears the whole time. Bill sent me an e-mail from his phone, he was up in the air coming back home from the Sundance Festival:

What a speech.
The crowd gathered around the tv in the airport, old, 
young, black, white, asian, all stood silently attentive 
and burst into applause together. Feels like whatever 
happens, something new is in the air.
Yes, something deep is changing in the heart of a nation and I would like to celebrate this with you.
Like Willard Wigan's miniature, there are many things that are almost impossible to imagine but once you see them with your very eyes you realize that the impossible can be turned into possible. There is always a place where the extra-ordinary happens and human progress always comes from that place.

Lots of love and positive mind for a new beginning!!
And a big YES for human progress!!!!

Elsita :)



Today my Mom and I are going to watch Obama's inauguration with great excitement! Bill will be flying back home from the Sundance Festival and the children will have a busy day. Today will be intense, I am going to need lots of energy, but I am ready for it :)

I just wanted to stop by to wish you many good things this week!
All my best and I will see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Giveaway Winner & New Papercut :)

Good Morning and Buenos Dias!

Today is when I say the name of our giveaway winner and the name is: Natasha Newton! Yay!!! Dear Natasha, I will ship the doll to you as soon as I have your address :) This first giveaway of 2009 was really special with your participation. I promise that there will be many new exciting ones in the future!!!

And now I would like to introduce you to: Lost in the Forest, a new papercut :)

 89Girl Los in the Forest copy

I think that we are always going through a process of self-discovery. This process starts when we are little and it gets more intense when we become teenagers. Then as we get older and more mature this process keeps going in a different way because we have a better sense of self, but the thing is that the process never stops. This papercut is about this idea, it is about the journey that takes us to the most unexpected places within ourselves. 

Each one of us is a whole universe inside. I like to imagine that universe as a forest with its own flora and fauna. The young girl in this papercut is exploring that forest, she got lost at some point in her journey but the good news is that one day she will understand that she wasn't really lost, she was just getting familiar with her own inner world and when you know your inner world well enough you can never get lost.

The original papercut can be seen here.

Now I want to say: Have a wonderful Monday!

And see you tomorrow!

Elsita :)

(I will be listing this print on my Etsy store soon. I have to say that I really like how this image came out as a black and white print :)