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Doubt, the Movie.

Today a little Hollywood report:

The other night, before my Mother in law went back to Chicago, we attended the premiere of Doubt, the movie where the girl in the picture bellow is the protagonist. I was so tired that night, but I really wanted to see this girl in person and also I wanted to see the movie so I got dressed up in my premiere uniform and out I went. I admire her so very much, for her talent, her intelligence and natural personality. She was wearing something really simple and her best accessory, as always, was her smile.

Meryl Streep-GLA-005804

From my modest point of view I can tell you that she is the real deal, she was born for acting but at the same time, in person,  she is one of the most natural individuals out there in Hollywood. She walked on the red carpet, she saw the movie and then she joined the big crowd for the party after the movie and she did all this in the most natural way, she didn't look like a celebrity at all. There were lots of celebrities in that premiere as you can imagine but she was my very favorite one. 

We left the party soon because I was just sooo tired! Bill got trapped in one hundred conversations so we asked him to stay and my Mother in Law and I left in my car. It was a nice experience and I enjoyed the movie very much. And a little great detail is that  Jennifer's niece (from PinkyBrownyinc) is in the movie!! Yay!!! Congratulations to her!! Maybe one day she will be a famous actress :)

Have a great day!

And I will be back tomorrow!!!

Elsita :)