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Last night was GREAT!

Dear friend,

The Los Angeles premiere of Milk was amazing. Wonderful people came to the event and the atmosphere was great. This is the second time that I watch the whole movie and went through the same emotions that I experienced the first time, what a powerful story and what a deep performance by Sean Penn. I can't wait for you see this movie, I know that you are going to appreciate it.

Among the celebrities that came to the event I saw Winona Ryder who was sitting a few seats in front of us. She was wearing a nice and simple dress that looked vintage to me. I once saw her in a vintage store on La Brea street, that's my favorite vintage store in LA and maybe the dress that she was wearing was from there :o
I also saw Hilary Swank. I heard someone behind us introduce herself to an old couple, she said: Hi, I am Hilary :) then I looked back and there she was with her beautiful smile. She is a very nice lady, her conversation was so natural, she didn't look like a celebrity at all.
There was also Jack Nicholson , he is one of my favorite actors. Nicholson is definitely getting old but his sense oh humor is still young :)
The were many other celebrities and they were all moved by the movie, everybody cried. After the projection there was a big party in the same building (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science). People in the party came to congratulate Bill for the film. I felt very proud of him for being part of this wonderful movie :)

I have no pictures of myself because we had no time at all for portraits, we had to run from our home!!! But I wore one of those black uniforms that are very useful in Hollywood, nothing special but very comfortable. I ate more than I should in the party :o (including different desserts) but today I will go back to normal :)
And tonight Bill and I are going back to the Academy building but in a different kind of business: Bill, as a member of the academy (you know, the people that vote for the Oscars) is going to be in the commission for foreign movies. MY FAVORITE ONE! I get to see all the foreign movies that are competing. There are many rules for these kinds of things. In order for Bill to vote he must see a number of movies from the beginning to the end and the voting process is top secret and for real, nobody knows the results in advance. As part of the rules, I am not allowed to talk about the movies that we are seeing every Friday. I wish I could!!! Because some of them are amazing!

Now I am leaving but first I want to wish you a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend.
I will see you on Monday!

Elsita :)