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Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!! Victory!!!!!!!!!!

Diego's First Official Portrait!

Today I am a super proud Mom sharing this wonderful portrait of Diego with you!

Diego's portrait copy

This is the first photo ever where Diego is sitting, smiling and looking at the camera, all at the same time. This portrait was taken at school by a professional photographer. When the teacher gave the photo to me I just couldn't believe it, I wanted to cry. One of the hardest things about children with Autism is to sit still, to look directly at your eye (or at the camera lens) and to smile just for a photo. This portrait says sooo much about Diego's progress!. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and this picture captures Diego's personality so well! He is a funny, extremely curious and sweet as candy :)

I adore this little man sooo much!!!!!!! His smile is a gift to each member of our family and I wanted to share that gift with you today :)

Have a wonderful day my friend! And tonight we are joining our neighbors in what it could be a great celebration, let's see what happens!!!!

Elsita :)