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Happy Birthday Dear Blog! Happy Halloween! (and a little Giveway :)

Can you believe that my blog turned one year old last month?!!!! I completely forgot (I fell asleep like the little bird in the photo:) But I am going to start celebrating it right now!!! With a giveaway!!! Because it's never too late to celebrate happy things :)


This is a little bird that I made out of linen. I drew the two characters directly on the fabric with permanent ink.

2 birdcopy

The little legs are made out of polymer clay, including the booties :) 


If you like this birdie just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the winner on Monday. Yay!!

Bird in hand copy

But the most important thing that I want to say in this post is:
THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND FOR READING THIS BLOG, FOR LEAVING YOUR COMMENTS AND FOR YOUR SUPPORT. This blog has been such an important part of my life since I decided to start it last year. I could never imagine that this space was going to bring so much joy into my life. You have inspired me to keep going in the middle of hard times. 

It was in September of last year when we found out that our little Diego was Autistic. That was the most painful news that I ever had to face, I felt as if my world was collapsing. Nobody is ready for something like that. For a second I felt lost and weak and confused and I remember that my way to channel all those feelings that day was to write a post in this blog. I said exactly what I felt and from that day on that's what I decided to do with this space; I decided to be always honest and positive. 

Life is only one and nobody has a perfect life, but we can make it a lot nicer if we just keep a positive mind. This blog has helped me do that and that has been possible only because of you. Let's celebrate this first anniversary with lots of love :)

I want to send you a BIG HUG wherever you are right now! And again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL, it means the world to me.

Have a Happy Halloween and and a great weekend!
Your friend Elsita :)

World Premiere of MILK.

Hello my dear friend!

I am so glad to be back with you today! I can't wait to tell you everything about our short trip to San Francisco for the world premiere of Milk. IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!


We left Los Angeles on Tuesday in the afternoon and even before I had time to process the fact that I was going to be away from the kids, Bill and I found ourselves in this hotel room, in the beautiful city of San Francisco. After landing in this room everything was like a race! Literally, let's keep reading and you will understand :)


Here is Bill doing some e-mail work while I was getting organized. As you can see, he looks like he is taking care of a very serious matter :o We only had a little time available before leaving the hotel for the premiere so we took advantage of it and went out for a walk around the hotel.


This is a photo taken from our window, very nice view.

We were so lucky to find this retrospective of Joan Miro's work, all for sell! I didn't expect to see something so special, the collection was really beautiful! And then I had a dream: how wonderful it would be to have one of Joan Miro's engravings in out home! Just a dream :) So to measure exactly how far this dream was from being a reality I asked the lady in charge about the price for the tiniest piece in the whole show. And she responded: really affordable, one of these pieces is about $19,500.00. That's when Bill and I run away as fast as we could back to our hotel!!!!!!!!!!! :0 :0


So here we are right after recovering from the Joan Miro scare, ready to go to the premiere. Regarding the type of outfit for the event, the invitation said: business attire. So here we are in our business outfits which means: something on the boring side of fashion street with a focus on comfort. I would say that we did a pretty good job. I wore my little papercut girl pin, a red purse and an orange scarf to add about 0.1% of excitement to the general look.

7elsita street theater

And a few minutes later here I am (Bill is behind the camera as you can imagine) we were just steps away from the CASTRO theater in the Castro District. The atmosphere was amazing, LOOOOOTSSS of people everywhere.


But then, as we walked closer and closer to the crowd I couldn't contain my tears. I experienced something really powerful. Hundreds of people from the gay community in San Francisco came to celebrate the movie and most importantly, they came to make an statement against the Proposition 8 and to honor the legacy of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The movie Milk is about him and about his short and amazing life. Harvey Milk had a strong feeling that he was going to be killed for being who he was and that's exactly what happened. You really need to se this movie, it is an important piece of history, a true story that we all should be familiar with.

14 insidetheater

Here is a photo of the theater, minutes before the movie started. The Castro theater is a jewel, such a beautiful space.


And here is a photo of some wonderful character that came to the premiere. He was all decorated with little flashing lights. Even his glasses had little lights!!! He made me want to wear something similar. I think that he made a great accessory choice :) This is something that I really enjoyed about the premiere: Harvey Milk's sense of humor, which was an important part of who he was and how he connected to everybody, was very present in the event. 

13bruna elsita

Here is Bruna Papandrea , myself and my whole set of teeth in a happy photo. Bruna, who is also an executive producer in the movie, is such a wonderful person. She is from Australia and we love her very much!


And after the movie ended (with the most amazing and long ovation ever) we were taken to this amazing place in big buses. This is the San Francisco City Hall the place where Harvey Milk came to work every morning trying to defend the rights of gay people and the place where he was killed.


It was a surreal and wonderful experience being in this place right after watching the movie. Harvey Milk's death was something extremely painful when it happened, the movie brought all those feelings to the audience and then minutes later we were in the very same place where he died, celebrating his life and legacy. I am sure that the ghost of Harvey Milk was somewhere in the City Hall watching all of us and having a great time too.

19sean penn
And I want to end this post with the only photo of Sean Penn that I was able to take by the end of the night. He was so quick, I only saw him for a few seconds. Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk in the movie and I have to say that this could be the most remarkable performance of his whole career and we all know what a brilliant career he has. He was absolutely amazing, deep, real, you just forget about Sean Penn completely because he becomes 100% Harvey Milk. He absolutely deserves a nomination for the Oscars. Everybody is predicting his Oscar nomination.

Now my friend, I invite you to visit Bill's blog to see his own post about the premiere of Milk. Over there you will find more pictures but also you will have the pleasure to read the beautiful words that Bill wrote about this event.

And talking about Bill, as soon as we got back home, he got sick, that's why I had to go for my friend Gingerino to help him. I hope that he can recover very soon! 

I also want to tell each one of my dear readers that got in touch with me about the possibility of meeting me in San Francisco, that I am so extremely sorry that this trip was just so short. Next time when we go to this beautiful city for an extra day I will organize some nice lunch or dinner party so we can see each other and talk and have a great time! I told Bill that since San Francisco is so close to LA (by plane) we should go back for two or three days as soon as we have a chance, for a little vacation :)

Now I wish you a wonderful day!
And I will be back tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Premiere of Madagascar 2 :)

On Sunday we attended the premiere of Madagascar 2 and it was such a fun experience!!! We were so lucky because Chris Rock (who gives the voice to Marty the Zebra in the movie, he is also working with Bill in some great project that I will tell you about in the future ;) gave Bill especial tickets for our family and there we were at about 11:00 AM.

1green carpet copy

As you can imagine, whenever there is a movie premiere there are lots of celebrities, as well as security guys with dark sunglasses holding Walkie-Talkies, there is also the police, lights, paparazzi and the best part: people on the streets with their cameras having fun looking at the Hollywood crowd and trying to get a good photo of them or with them.  

2cars copy

There was an area for the limousines arriving with the celebrities and their children. We parked at a public place ($8 flat rate :) and then we walked to the theater.

3Elsita kids copy

Our special tickets allowed us to enter the theater directly so we didn't have to walk on the green carpet which takes forever and with Diego it would have been a little bit of a challenge with all the lights and photographers. As you can see everybody got animal headbands! 

4Diego copy

Here is Diego the zebra :)

5Naty copy

Here is Natalie the lion :)

6Bill kids copy

And here are my three favorite animals together! Doesn't Bill look scary like a real lion????!!!!!! je je je :) (I love you Billy!!!!! For being brave enough to wear the lion headband for hours, you're our hero!!!)

7Natalie pinguin copy
The movie was lots of fun, I am sure that your kids would love it too! I highly recommend it. Then we went out to get our freebe bags and a minute later we had to leave because a crazy penguin was trying to eat Natalie!!!!
From there we went directly to a family restaurant nearby where we had lunch. What a great Sunday! Diego didn't stop talking in the theater, he is a lot into labeling everything now so whenever a new animal came out in the movie he said: THERE IS THE LION! THERE IS THE GIRAFE! THERE IS THE MONKEY! Fortunately the people around us found it very funny :o so I didn't have to take him out :) we made it through the whole movie!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!
Elsita :)

As you read this post Bill and I are heading to San Francisco for the world premiere of Milk, an important movie based on a true story starring Sean Penn. Bill is an executive producer in this movie and he really wanted us to attend this event together. I hope that they let me use a camera. I will be sharing everything with you as soon as I can. This will be a quick trip because I cannot be away from my little pumpkins for too long ! :)

Getting Ready for Halloween :)

Our weekend was sooo much fun! We did many things but the best part was getting ready for Halloween. Bellow you see my hairdo and I in a totally inspired Halloween outfit. I wanted to wear something orange and black to start the day :)

Elsita hairdo copy

We went pumpkin hunting. Here you see my little pumpkin among the other pumpkins, he was so fascinated with the place :)

Diego pumpkins copy

And here we see my other little pumpkin in front of a huge pumpkin house. We would love to have this house in our backyard! It had a door on the back so you could go inside. Natalie and Diego spent some time in there playing :) while Billy the hunter was doing his job, finding the perfect pumpkins for the family.

Natalie Pumpkin copy

And now my Halloween creation! I basically carved a wide mouth and two round eyes on my pumpkin to create like a house. Then I made a black papercut of a girl who wants to eat a poisoned fruit while her animal friends say: DON'T EAT THE FRUIT PLEASE! YOU'RE GOING TO TURN INTO A WITCH!! And she responded: THAT'S OK, IT IS ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!! 

Pumpkin copy

And here you see my pumpkin at night with a little candle inside :) Please don't worry because after Halloween the girl will stop being a witch and she will go back to normal :) 

Pumpkin dark copy


Have a great Monday my friend and see you tomorrow!

Elsita :)

Diego, the Muscle Man!

Today I want to finish the week sharing a happy picture with you!


Take a closer look here:


Imagine my surprise when Bill and Natalie called me the other day to show me what Diego could finally do!!!!! I immediately went for my camera and took this photo up from my studio. Now the more I look at this picture, the happier I am!!!

Basically, you see Diego doing something that he could not do at all before. He is hanging from some bars, all by himself. As a baby, Diego never crawled because the muscle tone in his arms was too low. We didn't know that then, we just thought that he was a little bit slower than the rest of the babies but we learned the real explanation later when the Dr. gave us his diagnosis of Autism. One of Diego's therapies focuses on developing his muscle tone and body coordination. It is something slow but we are finally seeing some results. Yay!!!!! As you can see Natalie was so happy too, she kept throwing the ball in the air to celebrate :)

This is a huge thing for him! His body is developing and that's amazingl! Every little progress that he has means everything to us!!!! I just wanted to share this with you because this is a very good news!!!!

Lots of love!
And have a wonderful weekend!!
Elsita and familia :)

Please, don't miss THIS post from Bill, the two of us are going to San Francisco next week for something important, I can't wait!!

Little Papercut Prints :)

And today I wanted to show you some little papercut prints that I have on my Etsy store. The first four ones were inspired by some of the most popular classic children's stories.



Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
Peter pan 
Three Little Pigs
The little pigs
Girl with Birdies 
(this one is not from a classic childre's story :)
Girl with Birds 
I really enjoy making these little papercuts inside fruit shapes because they come out so sweet :o  These prints make great presents because each one measures 6x4 inches which means that we can easily find frames for them anywhere, those small frames that we use for regular 6"x4" photos, the ones that we place on the fireplace mantel :) The price is also very cute ($7.00 each)
And if you want to see the actual papercuts  just click HERE and I will take you to my paper planet really quick!

Have a great day!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Dollies :)

Once upon a time there were four dollies that were best friends :)

Dollies copy

From left to right you see:

* Lunar: she was shy and sweet.

*Manolita: she was opinionated and strong.

*Marucha: she was funny and quick.

*Celeste: she was always in limbo, dreaming.

They all live in a dollhouse and together they run a small business known as: Dolly Power.

Dolly Power has the goal to educate little dolls on how to express their personalities through their individual talents. Lots of dollies come to the Dolly Power offices looking for advice and they always leave with a better sense of self. One day a little dolly named Lulu arrived with tears in her eyes. She said that she didn't want to be a dolly anymore because nobody would take her seriously. 

Lulu copy

(here you see Lulu)

Then Lunar, Manolita, Marucha and Celeste gave her a big hug and they said: Oh no Lulu! People will only take you seriously if you take yourself seriously. And Lulu said: but I am not special and I don't have any special talent, I am just a little thing and I have nothing to offer to the world. Then the four little dollies said: you're just wrong and we are going to help you. We only need you to smile, come on, try it, you can do it. And then Lulu smiled and Lunar, Manolita, Marucha and Celeste smiled too and then they started laughing with their little voices. Lulu felt so happy, just having these four girls around made her feel so special! 

And from that day on Lulu became part of the Dolly Power team, now they are 5 instead of 4. All the girls agreed that Lulu had the most beautiful smile in the whole world and they wanted her to welcome every dolly who came to the offices of Dolly Power with her smile. Lulu does it happily and that's the gift that she gives to the world everyday.


Don't you agree that the power of a smile can change everything?

It changed Lulu :)

This story is dedicated to my best friend when I was in the 5th and 6th grade. She didn't think that she was special at all and I always told her how wrong she was. Now I am 37 years old, I haven't seen her since then but I still miss her smile so much. My friend has been in my mind a lot lately, she was a girl with special needs (just like Diego) and all my memories connected to her are coming back to my mind around these days. I wish that I could see her again one day when I go back to Cuba.

Have a great Wednesday my friend and smile a lot today :) :) :) :) :)

Elsita :) 

(And also I want to say that love Bill's post today, it is about a movie that he is involved with. I saw the movie in a special screening, it makes you smile but most of all it makes you think a lot)

Gingerino :)

Now that I am sick and my throat needs to heal my friend Gingerino has come to the rescue as always :) Gingerino is from the Ginger family and he is the best. If it wasn't for him it would take me forever to get well.

Gingerino copy

I basically boil lots of fresh "Gingerinos" in a large pan until the water has a nice sunny yellow color, then I let it rest for a little bit. Next, I add some mint tea, camomile tea and every kind of tea that I can find in our kitchen. I drink this magic liquid with honey and a little bit of lime juice and tara!!! The more I drink it the better I feel.

Today I am feeling sooo much better and I am sure that tomorrow I will feel even better than today.
Have a wonderful day my friend!
Elsita :)

(Special Thanks to Gingerino for letting me take his photo for this post :)

All we need is love :)

We spent the weekend up in the mountains because our family really needed a break from the city. Then, as soon as I got there my body collapsed and got sick. I am still sick, my voice doesn't sound like me but I will get better for sure. I know that my body is trying to tell me: slow down Elsita! Last week was hard. There is so much going on related to Diego and his new therapies, we are still trying to figure out a consistent routine for him. He has been having a little hard time, too many changes in a short amount of time, but everything is a process and he will be OK.

But then I took my camera and decided to look at the world around me and here are three pictures of what I saw. This is called LOVE and it is the most beautiful thing that you could see out there in the world: Natalie found Diego all by himself looking somewhere and she decided to hug him. It was a perfect little moment. He looked at me and I was lucky enough to capture this moment with my camera. Just looking at this pictures makes me feel better, love is healing.




I wish you a great Monday my friend and I would like to tell you the same thing that I am telling myself this morning. No matter how hard things could get let's try to slow down a little bit and look at the positive and beautiful side of life. If we look carefully we will always find something special to inspire us.

Lots of love!
Elsita :)

(And HERE you will see some more love, from Billy, how lucky I am!!!)