All we need is love :)
Dollies :)

Gingerino :)

Now that I am sick and my throat needs to heal my friend Gingerino has come to the rescue as always :) Gingerino is from the Ginger family and he is the best. If it wasn't for him it would take me forever to get well.

Gingerino copy

I basically boil lots of fresh "Gingerinos" in a large pan until the water has a nice sunny yellow color, then I let it rest for a little bit. Next, I add some mint tea, camomile tea and every kind of tea that I can find in our kitchen. I drink this magic liquid with honey and a little bit of lime juice and tara!!! The more I drink it the better I feel.

Today I am feeling sooo much better and I am sure that tomorrow I will feel even better than today.
Have a wonderful day my friend!
Elsita :)

(Special Thanks to Gingerino for letting me take his photo for this post :)