Girl with a Magic Fruit.
New Dolls for Magazine :)

Ileana and her Pets go Through a Photoshop Experience :)



Today I wanted to show you something that I did some time ago. I am a Photoshop student and my teacher asks me to do little exercises once in a while in order to practice all the Photoshop lessons that I am learning in the classes. This is a really small class formed by one student (that's me) and one teacher (that's me too) Hello! I am officially a self-taught Photoshop enthusiastic! The first picture is the original painting and the second one is what I did with the first picture using Photoshop. I have been learning how to use Photoshop little by little, this is the only way that you can learn anything in the digital world if you have a busy life. It is all about learning and accumulating little tricks in your hard disc (the one that you have somewhere in your brain). The more tricks you learn the more you can combine them and create more and more virtual things.

And HERE IS THE SYSTEM THAT IS TEACHING ME PHOTOSHOP. I talked about this method here in my blog before but I just want to say again that so far I haven't found a better way to learn Photoshop by myself. I highly recommend it!

Now I have to go but I will see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)