Little Things :)
Do you know who has a new blog?

Message from Elsita :) And a very tiny giveaway!



Dear friend,

This post is to say good-bye for a few weeks. Life over here is calling for a blog brake and I am listening to the call because as I wrote in this post we should try to be good listeners :) Fortunately this will be only a temporary good-bye because I will be back on MONDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2008 YAY!!!! In all these weeks I will be doing one million things family-related and work-related. I have to say that I am very excited about my to-do-list, I will share everything with you when I am back. Right now we 're getting ready for an important meeting about our little man el Diego. We are going to meet his shadow for the first time and we are so excited for him. This will be the person that, as the word explains, will become Diego's shadow when he starts school in a few days. She will be with him every minute during his school hours and she will have an important impact in his life. Diego doesn't have any sense of personal safety yet, he would run to the street if he could, with all the cars passing by and he doesn't realize how dangerous it is. His shadow will make sure that he is safe but also she will teach him many new things. I am crossing my fingers for Diego! You now how we all have a natural shadow and it comes out the way it comes out and there is nothing to do about it but in Diego's case it is important that he has the perfect match as a shadow :) It will make a big difference in his new life. Please send us lots of good energy, I am taking a purse with a big pocket on the outside for all the good energy. I wish you lots of good things in these weeks, and the best health possible to deal with a month like September. I will be back with good things to share with you, including how Diego and his shadow are getting along.

Lots of love and see you on Monday, October 6, 2008!!!!!!
Elsita :)

But before I go I want to introduce you to mini-bunny :) This is one of the tiniest papercuts that I ever made and it could be yours. Mini-bunny is 1 1/2" tall and it looks sooo cute in person! If you like him just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the winner as soon as I come back on October 6.