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Join my Party! :)

You are invited to my pin party!!!
I have been making these pins in the last days and I am enjoying them sooo much!












They are made out of 100% wool felt, buttons, sequins, thread, glass beads...and loooooots of love. These pins are already listed here on my Etsy store. Also, I wanted to let you know that I ordered some extra black stiffened felt for making more black and white pins because I run out of this material, as soon as I get the felt I will start making them :)

And guess what's going to happen this weekend! My five-year-old daughter Natalie is going to the beauty salon for the first time ever, for a professional haircut. And this was all Bill's idea! That's the place where he has been getting his haircut for years so he thought that it was a good idea to take Natalie over there. I have been cutting my hair and everybody's hair since I was a teenager. The only hair that I am not allowed to cut is my husband's! And that's OK with me but now I have one less client because I am sure that after this experience Natalie will want to keep going for the professional haircut! By the way, please say hi to your hair for me, in my opinion our hair is like another person apart from us, with its own personality and ways to behave, I have been drawing about this lately and I will be happy to show you the pictures in the future {:o

Now I should leave but first I want to wish you a great Friday and also a wonderful weekend!!!
See you on Monday!
Elsita :)