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Black and White Pin :)

Hola my friend!
Not so long ago I promised to list some black and white pins on my Etsy store, that I had made out of shrink plastic... BUT, I accidentally found out that the concentrated black ink that I was using on the shrink plastic wasn't safe around water, that's why I decided to make the same pin using a different material. After some experimentation I decided that the perfect option was polymer clay covered with resin and stiffened felt for the back. I am sooo happy about the result!


I have been wearing this little bambina all the time!!! :)


It just goes with everything!


I am looking at it right now and I can say that it looks like an antique little porcelain tile, so sweet!
Right now I only have 6 of them that I am happy to share with you, you can find this pin here on my Etsy store.


Have a wonderful day!
Elsita :)