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Kiki :)

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Good morning my friend! Today I am back with something very special that I am so excited to share with you! And here it goes:


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kiki who had a great friend named Miss Pascuala; an old and sweet lady that collected the most amazing books. Miss Pascuala’s books were very unusual because only special people could understand them. One day Miss Pascuala gave Kiki a beautiful book from her collection titled El Mundo Magico, as a present for Kiki’s birthday. Kiki was extremely happy, she could not believe that such a beautiful book was going to be hers forever, that's why she said thank you, thank you, thank you so many times to Miss Pascuala! Then she ran home as fast as she could, she went up to her room, laid down on her bed and then she opened the first page of the book.


What happened next was the beginning of the most wonderful series of experiences that Kiki ever had in her life. On the first page of the book there was an antique-looking mirror. Kiki looked in the mirror and saw her own face. She thought: Wow …this is the first time that I see a real mirror in a book…but then, before she even had time to go to the next page she heard a little voice say: Hello Kiki, this is your friend Kiki, I am the part of you that lives in this book and I am so thrilled to meet you in person. At first she had a hard time believing what was happening but since Kiki’s curiosity was bigger than anything else she started a conversation with her new friend, the other Kiki from the book.


Kiki from the book told Kiki from real life that she had magic powers that could take both of them to the most special places in faraway lands. She talked about her wonderful little friends Gatico and Mariangela and also about her magic dresses and about how they became alive when she put them on. She talked about her magic purse and umbrella and about many other magic objects. Kiki from real life was extremely excited! She realized that from her wonderful book a completely new world was waiting for her. That first night Kiki could not sleep because she was so looking forward to the next day!


We would need to write a whole book to narrate all the experiences that both Kikis had after they met each other for the first time. But I can say that anytime when Kiki from real life wanted to visit the magic world of fantasy all she had to do was open her book and go on a new trip with Kiki from the book. They became best friends and together they visited the most fantastic places, they went through the most amazing adventures and they never stopped exploring and enjoying the infinite world of El Mundo Magico.

The End! :)


This little story is dedicated to all the girls and boys out there who enjoy books. This was my special present for Natalie on her 5th birthday. I created the story, then I designed Kiki and finally I turned her into a paper doll so I could present the story to Natalie in a more physical way. Natalie liked her present a lot (YAY!!!!!!) and now Kiki is part of her world. The best part of this present is that I can keep telling Natalie new stories about the two Kikis and she is looking forward to listening to them.


I hope that you also like Kiki :) and I am so excited to share her with you. She will always have a little home here in case you would like to welcome her into your world.

I have to say that the inspiration for creating Kiki came from my childhood memories. I remember how fascinated I was when I first discovered the pleasure of reading books. Books were my way to scape from reality when things looked too out of balance (which was most of the times :o) When I was in the fourth grade I had this wonderful teacher who loved reading books to us and she was a great actress too, she read and acted at the same time and I just loved it. I can say that she taught me how to enjoy books and I wish that I could say THANK YOU to her in person but I am not sure if she is still alive because she was very old then. When I think about this teacher I think about how sometimes it takes a single person to inspire you. She planted a little seed in me that never stopped growing and I wanted to pass that little seed to Natalie by creating Kiki. Children love it when you mix reality with fantasy that's why Natalie is enjoying this new character so much. But to be honest I still enjoy a lot the same things that I used to enjoy when I was in the fourth grade. I still love paper dolls (one of my obsessions when I was little) and I still love making up stories. The only difference is that now I have a partner in crime: Natalie! So in the end we are like the two Kikis! I told this to her and she started laughing, she loved the idea!


And now I need to go but before I leave want to say (again :o) that I am sooo happy to be back here with you!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)