Kiki :)

Pins and Black and White Prints!

And today I want to show you two things that I made with the images of my papercuts:



Number one: The pins! I made 6 pins out of shrink plastic and stiffened felt using one of the images of my papercuts! From the 6 pins I made one for me (see the photo above, I haven't stopped wearing it!) 4 for my Etsy store (I will list them soon) and the 6th one I gave it to a sweet girl in a store; she said that she loved it, so I gave it to her. Yaaaay for all the girls that are not afraid of starting a conversation with another girl who is wearing a black and white pin!!! She was really happy!

And number two: The prints! Below you will see how I turned my papercuts into black and white prints. I got several requests about doing this for my Etsy store so I did it and I am sooo happy with how they look! I am going to frame them for Natalie's room. My favorite thing about these prints is that the black ink is so concentrated on the paper that it looks almost like velvet!






And now let me tell you a little secret: The photo that you saw of me wearing the pin was taken by Bill for some magazine that will come out soon. I will be in this magazine with an interview plus pictures of new paper sculptures that I made specially for the publication. I will let you know as soon as the magazine is out! Now I wish you a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow!!!

Elsita :)