Winner of the tiny painting (And new characters :)
GIVEAWAY: Gemini pin! :)

The Boy-Car! :)

The other day before I took Natalie to school I had to put some gas in my car because the tank was almost empty but then we kept going. I noticed that Natalie was so quiet, she normally likes to sing or talk as I drive. So after a few minutes of silence she says:: Mommy, Diego is not a car right? And I responded: Of course he is not a car, he is your little brother, why do you ask me that sweetie? And she said: you know Mommy, because the other day you said that Diego had some gas! But he is not a car right? That was SO FUNNY!!! We both started laughing so much but the best part is that she was serious about her question. I just love it when Natalie comes out with the most unexpected questions! That's the best part about children!

And later I just had to draw these pictures to illustrate the idea of Diego the Boy-Car!


Have a great day and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)