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The Cannes Film Festival and Bill

And today I am back with a little report about the Cannes Film Festival! This year Bill attended the event representing a wonderful movie called: Synecdoche. This was a hard word to pronounce at the festival and there is even a little video about it here. The director of the movie is Charlie Kaufman. I am happy to say that the Time magazine classified Synecdoche as an "Instant Cannes Classic". This is an unusual movie narrated in an unusual way, it is hard to tell you what the story is about but for sure I can say that it is great and it makes you think a lot about life. I went to a small screening here in Los Angeles and I left the place thinking and thinking about so many things. The casting is wonderful too! This movie is not out yet but it will be very soon.


In this picture you see Bill with Michelle Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman who are part of the wonderful cast of the movie. Bill said that all the paparazzi had their eyes on Michelle Williams. I have never met her in person but Bill says that he is so impressed by how mature she is for her age, she is only 27, a single Mother and as we know she has gone through a lot. Bill said that in person she is the most normal and down-to-earth girl. On the other hand she is an amazing actress, one of my very favorite. Philip Seymour Hoffman is also an amazing person. I was lucky to meet him for the first time in Romania during the making of Cold Mountain. He was there with his partner Mimi. They have two children together and they are a wonderful couple. Mimi is the sweetest girl ever! Bill and I were so happy when Philip won his Academy Award for Capote, a very well deserved award!


Here is Bill again (the one with the camera) with friends, ready to walk on the red carpet.



In these two pictures you can see some other members of the movie. The girl with the beautiful pink dress is Samantha Morton who had a baby not so long ago (she brought her baby to Cannes). Bill thinks that she is a very special person so do I. I love her in the movie! And the girl with the long hair is Catherine Keener who I have seen in a couple of events and she always has a big smile on her face. I love the purple dress that Michelle Williams is wearing! What a great color!


Here you see a photo of the most rewarding moment: a big standing ovation after the projection of the movie. What a wonderful gift for everyone who worked so hard in the making of this film!



So, what are these two last pictures about? Well, they illustrate what a Hollywood Film Producer (Bill in particular) does when he goes to the Cannes Film Festival. He takes the train and goes away to a quiet place in Italy where he can play his flute and call his family and tell them how much he would love to be home! That's the real part behind all the red carpet thing and the lights and the photographers. Bill is a wonderful father and when he is traveling he calls home all the time to make sure that we are all fine. Then when he comes back he always brings little toys for the kids and they love it! And of course he also brings a little present for the wife :)

And now my friend I should go but I will be back tomorrow!
Have a beautiful day!
Elsita :)