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Winner of Last Giveaway (And Some Story for You :0 :o ;) :D :/ :>)

I am so happy to announce that the little Gemini Pin goes to GEO!!! Geo is a wonderful Gemini girl, one of those people that you immediately have to love because of her intelligence and sense of humor. Yay Geo!!!! And I must say CONGRATULATIONS to all the Gemini girls and boys out there who are celebrating their birthdays around this time, I send you all lots of love!

And now let's get ready for a little story that starts with the pictures below:



In a faraway planet called Tierra there was a little creature named Mister Criatura that was born with no face as well as all the other creatures born in planet Tierra. One day he flew directly to Rodolfonso's studio (located in planet Earth) with a request: Would you design a face for me Rodolfonso? A week later Rodolfonso was ready to show Mister Criatura nine designs. When Mister Criatura looked at the designs he said: Wait a minute! I can't see anything! And Rodolfonso said: of course, because you have no eyes. And Mister Criatura said: Would you describe them to me? Rodolfonso described the nine faces but then he said: Wait a minute, you are not supposed to talk because you don't have a mouth! And Criature said (showing Rodolfonso a tiny little man straight from his pocket) but I have a mind reader, he literally reads my mind. Rodolfonso felt bad for the tiny little man because he couldn't say his own words, he just had to read Criatura's mind all the time.
Finally, after hours of deep face analysis Criatura picked one face and put it on. He looked really handsome. Criatura then paid Rodolfonso the amount of twenty-five dollars with seventeen cents and then he flew back to planet Tierra. But before that he let tiny little man land on the floor. After Criature left, Rodolfonso asked tiny little man if he wanted to work with him as an Assistant and he said yes. He could just read Rodolfonso's mind and see that he had the best intentions. From that they on Rodolfonso and tiny little man became great partners. They never saw Criature in person again but Criatura never failed to send them a card saying hello from all the exotic places that he visited every year.

The End!

This silly story has been delivered to you straight from the imagination of Natalie Horberg and Elsita Mora Horberg :) We hope that you liked it!
Happy Holiday!
And see you tomorrow!
ELsita :)