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The Art of Papercut :)

I really love papercuts and I have been sooo curious about this art form for so long. I got three books about the subject and I was happy to learn that this tradition is still very alive in China. Here you can see an Etsy store (located in China) that sells beautiful papercut pieces, all made by hand. I purchased two of them and they are now framed in our home. After reading about the history of traditional chinese papercuts and admiring the contemporary aproach to this technique by Rob Ryan plus the provocative art of Kara Walker I just had to make one myself in order to experience how it feels to cut off lots of tiny pieces of paper. My report is: WONDERFUL and RELAXING EXPERIENCE. I folded a regular letter size paper in half and I then started cutting carefully following the design idea that I had in my mind for the border. I felt more free cutting directly on the paper instead of drawing a design because this way there were no mistakes to make. Then I opened the sheet of paper to make the center, I just kept cutting (slowly) as if I was drawing with the knife. In the pictures below you can see what it came out. The white color makes it look like lace.



When I was making this papercut I thought a lot about life and about how somehow we build our personalities this way, by "cutting off" little pieces of this and that in order to give shape to who we want to be. How many things do we leave behind in order to grow up and create our own "papercut design"?. From being a child to becoming a teenager and later an adult we go through a whole slow and deep process. It is fascinating to me how we "shape" ourselves over the years without even noticing it. Then one day we look back and see how much we have changed. We will never be perfect and we shouldn't but that's exactly the beauty of life as well as the beauty of art: They are always a work in progress :)

And now I wish you a wonderful weekend my friend and I will see you again on Monday!
Elsita :)