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Edilberto the Chef :)


This is what wikipedia says:
"A chef is a person who cooks professionally".

After reading this definition we can say that Mister Edilberto is a Chef. He is not a person but he is a smart rabbit which makes him almost a person. Add to that the fact that Edilberto won't leave home without his hat, that makes him a professional. He created a recipe that nobody has been able to duplicate so far and we are talking about the Horizontal Carrot a la Fork. I asked him to give me a clue about how he elaborates this dish in order to share it with you, but he won't do it. A serious Chef do not share his cooking secrets with anybody unless you are his wife so I decided not to insist.

Let's just say a big HELLO and GOOD-BYE to Mister Edilberto because he has to go back to the kitchen! Thank you Mister Edilberto for your breve appeareance in my blog today!

And I also have to go but I will see you on Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Elsita, reporting from Rabbitland :)

(If you want to learn more about people who cook professionally you can go here.)

My Hidden Identity!!! :0

It is amazing how sometimes you don't really know who you are...unless you ask Wikipedia! You know how Wikipedia has all the answers to your questions so I asked Wikipedia about the word Elsita (which is my nickname as you know) because I wanted to know more about myself AND IMAGINE HOW EXCITED I GOT WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT I AM A MOTH!!!!! Seriously!! The proof is right here! Did you see it? It clearly says: Elsita is a genus of moth in the family Arctiidae.
Yay!!!! HOW FUN IS THAT? I can't wait to meet my new Arctiidae family, where have they been for all these years? Down here you can see an illustration about how our first meeting is going to look like. You can see me on the left and then on the right are my new relatives (or a very small representation of them because wikipedia tells me that the Arctiidae is a large and diverse family of moths with around 11,000 species found all over the world and with 6000 Neotropical species). Now I have to say that that's a little scary, I hope that they don't visit me all at the same time. Anyway, on the positive side and looking at the illustration I think that I am going to get alone so well with the one with both arms up, the one looking straight at the camera. He must be my oldest brother! Hi there brother!!


Now I literaly have to fly, that's the best thing about being a moth!!
But I will fly back tomorrow!
Have a great day!
Elsita :)

GIVEAWAY: A tiny painting :)


The little girl in the picture is Manuela and she has a little cat named Juanita. Juanita always falls asleep on Manuela's head then Manuela has to walk carefully so Juanita doesn't wake up. All I can say is that Juanita needs lots of attention and she is lucky to have Manuela in her life :) Yay!

The End!

If you would like to win this tiny painting just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the winner on Monday!
Have a happy day!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Treasures from the flea market! :)

Bill and I are flea market fanatics. Before we had the kids we used to go to the flea market all the time but then we had to stop because it is hard with the children. But the other day we decided to try again and the children were just fine plus we were sooo lucky! Take a look at the treasures that we found:



This wonderful authentic japanese doll for $25 :)


This little sweater for $7



Old stamps for $15 :)




And my favorite! THIS LABORATORY KIT!!!!
One of the jobs that my Mom had when I was growing up was at a hospital (she wasn't one of the Doctors but an Auxiliar de Limpieza, as they say in Cuba, which is basically the person who keeps the place nice and clean :) She had access to a laboratory, that I never got to see in person but she always brought me all these little bottles etc. from over there and I dreamed about having my own laboratory. In fact I created my own primitive laboratory in our backyard and I used to prepare the most crazy mixes with water and other elements from the kitchen. My ultimate dream was to have a microscope because we had one at school and I just thought that it was pure magic seeing all those little things that the human eye cannot see. It took me all these years to get my own microscope!!! Can you believe it?? You can see it up there in the picture. I can't wait to continue my old experiments!

Now I have to go but I hope to be back tomorrow with the secret formula for the eternal life!
Have a great day!
Dr. Elsita :)

Part 1: Winner of the buttons and part 2: UNEXPECTED SURPRISE from Friday!!!

And the winner of the little buttons is Amy Karol!!! Yay Amy!!!! Congratulations!! !This time I asked Natalie to open the book in order to find out who the winner was and she went directly to page 138! Thank you Natalie and thank you sooo much to each one of you for participating in this game!!! There will be more coming!

Oh my friends! I have something wonderful to share with you about my birthday on Friday! Remember how I told you that Bill and I were going to have our special dinner at night at my favorite restaurant? Well, what I didn’t know is that a SURPRISE PARTY was waiting for me at the place!!!! I could not believe it!!! Bill invited four couples, each one of them is special and unique and I just love them so much!. They all have very busy lives and putting everybody together in the same room was like a miracle. Imagine how I felt! I could not stop smiling, I was sooo happy!

This is the second most special birthday that I ever had in my life. In order to understand why this SURPRISE party meant so much for me I need to go a little back in time. Growing up in Cuba I never had a birthday party, not when I was one or two or three… and I never got presents because we just couldn’t afford it. As a little girl my birthday was never a special day so I grew up that way and it felt like the most normal thing ever. Birthday parties are a celebration of life and I imagine that because we had a hard life then we didn’t have a lot to celebrate. I became a teenager: 13, 14, and then 15!

In the Latino culture turning 15 for a girl is an important event and even the poorest families try to put together a party or something small for the birthday girl but I just knew that we were not going to be able to afford it and I was absolutely fine with it. And here is the story of what happened next:

The day when I turned 15 I just went to school as every normal day and I even forgot to tell my friends that it was my birthday. We had our Math class, then Spanish class, everything was completely normal and then OUT OF THE BLUE EVERYBODY GOT UP AND STARTED SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I was absolutely in shock! I didn’t know what to do other than cry. But that was only the beginning! Immediately after the happy birthday song and in a perfect coordination my classmates moved the tables and the chairs around and created a big circle in the classroom, then like pure magic there was salsa music and a big cake, I didn’t have time to process what was going on, it really took me like 15 minutes to understand that they had put a surprise birthday party together for me. What the teachers and my classmates didn’t know is that that was my very fist birthday party ever since I was born. I can’t even describe you the huge impact that this celebration had in my life. All the love that I got from my friends and teachers that day turned into a special fuel that gave me enough energy to go through my teenage years.

Having my second surprise birthday party 22 years later after my first one, under completely different circumstances was something so meaningful. I was telling Bill the other day that right now I am going through one of the most difficult times in my life because everyday is a challenge. But on the other hand I find myself surrounded of so much love and this makes a whole difference, all this wonderful energy gives me the impulse to get up everyday and do my best as a mother, as a wife and as a creative person. I feel like the luckiest girl ever and all I want is to give all that love back in every possible way, being this blog one of them. I want to say thank YOU for all the beautiful birthday wishes in my Friday post and THANK YOU for taking the time to visit this place because it means the world to me.

THANK YOU to my beautiful friends for coming to the dinner celebration and a very special THANK YOU for my dear friend MARGIE because what you did for my birthday was something that I will absolutely treasure forever!!! Much love from the bottom of my heart to everyone!

Elsita :)

May 9 is nice :)

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy biiiirthday Elsiiiiitaaaa!
Haaaappy birthday to you!
37 my friend!
But I feel like I am somewhere between 17 and 23, not less and not more!
I say: It is not the way you look but the way you feel!!!!
Young forever!!!!!

An old neighbor of mine from the time when I lived in Cuba used to say: Oh, if I were just 60! How many things I would do! He was over 90 by the time he said that. Every year on my birthday I remember him because he was someone who celebrated life every single day and I have been trying to learn that lesson from him.


And going to the gift department: I drew these fancy dogs as a self-present because they make me smile! These doggies are all over 10 years old but they still feel like puppies! But the best present eeeever today is that my super busy husband is taking the day off from work to spend time with me!!!!. HOW COOL IS THAT? Thank you Billy!!! When he told me that yesterday I started literally jumping like Natalie does when she is happy. And then tonight Bill and I will have a special dinner at my favorite restaurant not far from our home. I am sure that today is going to be one of those perfect days where everybody is happy.

Have a wonderful day my friend and I wish all the Mothers on planet earth a beautiful Mother's day on Sunday!!!
See you on Monday!!!!
Elsita :)

There is a branch for every bird! :)


The other day I went to Ross and got this wonderful little jacket (first picture) for $12.99. I was walking through the alleys of the store where thousands of pieces of clothes were waiting for their perfect buyers, but non of them talked to me. I was ready to go when I heard something, like psshhshh... WHAT? (I said) Then I looked to my right side and there it was! I saw the little jacket looking straight at me like saying: YES, it's me, you found me!. And I said: ABSOLUTELY, I am taking you with me little jacket! I felt in love with the design, the color, the fabric and the attractive numeric combination of 12dot99 :o!. Once in my studio I saw this bird and brach and CLICK! I immediately got inspired to do something with the jacket! In the second photo you can see what I did. This was a very simple thing to do: I just drew the bird and branches on the fabric with a regular pencil and then I filled up the shapes with this textile paint using a brush. I then ironed the fabric from the back to fix the paint.
Yay!!! Now my little jacket and I are like best friends and we go out together looking happy!

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(I am sooo glad to know that you liked the little buttons from our last giveaway! Thank you for participating in the game!!!)

GIVEAWAY: Decorative handmade buttons :)



The other day Yael (who has been working with shrink plastic for a while now, see her Etsy store) recommended the printable kind of shrink plastic to me, and next day I got some of it (Thank you Yael!). Here you see some of the buttons that I made featuring four of my illustrations. They came out sooo cute! I decided not to make all of them flat this time. And now it is time for our giveaway game! If you would like to win these four decorative buttons just leave a comment in this post and I will announce the winner on Monday!

Have a wonderful day!!!
Elsita :)

Little Gucci :)

This is a silly post to introduce you to my friend Gucci the Box Boy. I just gave myself a mini fancy present: a little Gucci perfume. The box was sooo cute that I didn't want to get rid of it so I turned it into a little friend. He wants to say hi to you :)




Gucci didn't want to be naked so I gave him something to cover his lower body with and he is now sooo happy!

Bye-bye Gucci and bye-bye my friends!!
Elsita :)

Wearable original little art.

And the winner of the Wee Reader is: SHOBHANA!!!!!!! Yay Shobhana!!! This time Diego opened the book in page 15 :) If you are not number 15 don't worry because our next giveaway will be after tomorrow, Wednesday May 7 :)

And now let's see our Monday post:







These are some little creations that I made using linen fabric, shrink plastic for the buttons and this textile paint.
1. I painted directly on the fabric with the textile paint (using a brush).
2. Once it was dry I ironed the fabric from the back at a high temperature to fix the paint.
3. And then I attached the buttons (featuring handmade one of a kind tiny drawings)

This little creations are so versatile, they could be framed as they are but we can also use them for decorating children clothes or adult clothes or little bags or for making pockets...because they are washable!. I am sooo excited about this new little creations! I will be listing these three ones on my Etsy store tomorrow. These little creations are now available on my Etsy store! They measure about 7x5 1/2".

Now I have to go but I will be back tomorrow!
Have a great day!
Elsita :)