The Cannes Film Festival and Bill
Hola Amigos!!!!

Giveaway Winner, New Papercuts! :) (And I will be back on June 16th)

And the winner of the Flower Girl drawing is: BEETLEGIRL!!!!!! Yaaaay!!! Dear Beetlegirl, if you read this you can write me an e-mail (left sidebar) with your address so I can ship the drawing to you as soon as possible! Thank you all for participating in this giveaway!

And now my Friday post:












Dear friend,
Here is a group of my last papercuts for you. For these ones I drew part of the designs with pencil to get exactly the shapes that I wanted and I also experimented with different kinds of papers. Most of the papers have a lovely antique yellow color. I had the best time ever creating them but also they were my get-emotionally-ready-for-the-next-two-weeks (because they will be hard). In the next two weeks I wil be more busy than ever because there is so much going on over here, but everything is positive. My Mother-in-law is arriving soon, we will be organizing a birthday party for Diego and Natalie and also for her, Bill and I will have a series of important meetings about Diego's transition to the school system...and more... That's why if you don't mind I will be back with you in two weeks, to be more specific I will be back on June 16th. I am already missing you so much!!! This blog is an important part of my life and so are you. I know that those two weeks will go away so fast! So before I leave I want to send you lots of love and a big hug!
I wish the next two weeks of your life to be great, wish me good luck and see you on June 16th!

Your friend Elsita :)