GIVEAWAY: Decorative handmade buttons :)
May 9 is nice :)

There is a branch for every bird! :)


The other day I went to Ross and got this wonderful little jacket (first picture) for $12.99. I was walking through the alleys of the store where thousands of pieces of clothes were waiting for their perfect buyers, but non of them talked to me. I was ready to go when I heard something, like psshhshh... WHAT? (I said) Then I looked to my right side and there it was! I saw the little jacket looking straight at me like saying: YES, it's me, you found me!. And I said: ABSOLUTELY, I am taking you with me little jacket! I felt in love with the design, the color, the fabric and the attractive numeric combination of 12dot99 :o!. Once in my studio I saw this bird and brach and CLICK! I immediately got inspired to do something with the jacket! In the second photo you can see what I did. This was a very simple thing to do: I just drew the bird and branches on the fabric with a regular pencil and then I filled up the shapes with this textile paint using a brush. I then ironed the fabric from the back to fix the paint.
Yay!!! Now my little jacket and I are like best friends and we go out together looking happy!

Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(I am sooo glad to know that you liked the little buttons from our last giveaway! Thank you for participating in the game!!!)