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The Art of Papercut :)


One thing that I looove about the city where I live (Los Angeles, CA) is the great characters that you find on the streets. I have a whole list of these characters that I am looking forward to seeing whenever I am out but there is one in particular that has won my heart (don't worry Billy!) and I have named him The Brush Helmet Head. This is a guy who rides a motorcycle but I have never seen his face because he wears this huge helmet with a black hard plastic brush attached to the top of it. I know that he wants his black brush to look dramatic and super cool but the truth is that this decorative element looks sooo funny. I know a similar guy who wears what we could call the real deal helmet brush (which is made out of long black feathers) he has a super motorcycle and the whole thing looks like from a movie but this one guy that I love rides a fragile-looking motorcycle that makes a funny noise, he is extremely skinny and also he wears huge sandals and short pants. His head looks extra large with the helmet on and all I can say is that when I see him my world gets illuminated like when a kid is watching his favorite cartoon on TV.
Here I drew more or less how he looks. When I saw him I wanted to scream: Hey Mister Helmet! It's me your greatest admirer!! But of course I didn't do it :) It is more fun to be a secret admirer : o


I don't know when he is going to show up again but I am looking forward to it!!
Now I should go but I will be back tomorrow!
Elsita :)