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Winner of the Little Bag! (and something special)

First of all I want to announce that the winner of the little bag is: Julie! Hola Julie!!! The little bag is packed and ready to go! I gave Diego one of Bill's books and he opened it in page #12 that's how we found out who the winner was. This was the most practical way to do it because if you give Diego a bowl full of little papers he would never pick only one but a whole bunch of them! I want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for participating in this little game and if you happen not to be number 12 don't feel disappointed because I promise to do this game more often. To be more concrete we will have our next giveaway after tomorrow (Wednesday, April 30).

Below you can see a little drawing that I made to say Thank YOU for participating in the little bag giveaway. I wrote your names in the body of the girl :)


And now I want to share something special with you and that is the album of photos from our walk on Saturday April 26. This link will take you to the album where you will see the photos and below the photos you can read the little text explaining everything. I hope that you enjoy it. This event was so important for our family.

Have a wonderful Monday my friend and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)