Taladro and Ruby :)
The Lion-Rabbit and His Friend Hormiga :)

Ex-Barbie Pincushion :)

Her name is Mirta. She used to be a Barbie but then Natalie didn't want her anymore so I helped her find a new job. She is very helpful in my studio. Natalie thinks that this is just a new girl and she is indeed, gone are the days when Barbie was all about the way she looked. Mirta is now more interested in seeing how many pins she can hold on her head.




I just made her a new head out of paperclay. The top of the head was stuffed with polyester fiber. And I want to leave you with this idea: There is always new life for anybody who is willing to work hard like Mirta! :0 :o :)

See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)