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April 2008

Ex-Barbie Pincushion :)

Her name is Mirta. She used to be a Barbie but then Natalie didn't want her anymore so I helped her find a new job. She is very helpful in my studio. Natalie thinks that this is just a new girl and she is indeed, gone are the days when Barbie was all about the way she looked. Mirta is now more interested in seeing how many pins she can hold on her head.




I just made her a new head out of paperclay. The top of the head was stuffed with polyester fiber. And I want to leave you with this idea: There is always new life for anybody who is willing to work hard like Mirta! :0 :o :)

See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Taladro and Ruby :)

Hello my friend!
Today I would like to introduce you to Taladro and Ruby. They are little people with big eyes and all they want to say right now is: Have a great day!




See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(Taladro and Ruby can be found in my shop now)

Flower Girls :)

And today let's start the week with a new group of girls that arrived in my Plant School a few days ago! They will introduce themselves by their names:

















Let's say hello to the flower girls!
And have a great Monday!
Elsita :)

Delivered to you by Elsita (Principal of the Plant People Elementary School) with the collaboration of our garden plus some elements from the Flower Department at our local supermarket :o :)

Mushroom Girl.



And today I want to finish this week with Mushroom Girl, a piece dedicated to all the girls that daydream. She says that when life gets too hard you can always reinvent everything in your imagination and make a special world for yourself to live in. I try to follow her advice as often as possible :)

We are going to have a great weekend with the kids, one of the things that we are going to do is going to a birthday party! We love birthday parties for little ones and grown ups too. But this one is for a little girl who is Natalie's friend. I will see you on Monday with something that I think you are going to enjoy!

Have lots of fun!
Elsita :)

(This piece is available here)

Silent Cat Takes Egg Face and his Birds for a Ride!



You should know that somewhere on planet Earth there is a gentleman called Egg Face who is a protector of birds. Egg Face is admired and respected by his community for his dedication to protect nature. Even Silent Cat (who is not an easy character) likes Egg Face. Here in the picture you can see how Silent Cat offered Egg Face and his three legged birds a special ride. They seem to be having a great time!

This piece is dedicated to my old neighbor in Havana who had hundreds of birds in his little apartment. They weren't legged birds like these one but they were pretty good singers :o

See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(This piece is available here)

Meow!!! :)




Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mia. One day Mia went to the flower shop and on her way back home she found two kitties abandoned on the street. She immediately decided to adopt them. Mia named the kitties Alberto and Margarita. And from that very day they became one close family.

The End :)

This drawing/painting is dedicated to all the girls who love cats, specially my dear friends Acelita and Margie.
Have a great day and see you tomorrow!

Elsita :)

(The original has been sold out but the print is available here)

Drawing on Fabric.



I have been so excited about sharing this little piece with you :)
I made it with cotton fabric stuffed with fiberfill and then I painted the surface with acrylic paint. On top of the acrylic paint I applied matte varnish for a smooth finish and then I drew on it as if it was paper. For the drawing I used a black fine pen (#005). I finished the piece with another coat of matte varnish for fixing the drawing. Yes!!! I can't wait to explore this little road a little more!

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(Available here)

Fernando and Egg Boy!





And here is Fernando the Incredible performing for the audience. Fernando wants everyone to see how he keeps Egg Boy on his head for about twenty-five minutes. Egg boy is supposed to give the audience a huge smile but the truth is that he is fricking out! Hang in there Egg Boy, two more minutes and you're done!

I hoped that you enjoyed the show!
Have a great Monday!
And don't forget to smile!

Elsita :)

(Fernando and Egg Boy are available here :))

Small World in a Box.




Today I want to share this little creation with you. These are Miriam and her friend Ignacio. I love making tiny things because it's very relaxing. In the future when I'm very old I want to live in a quiet and simple place where I can create lots of dollhouses and miniatures for my grandchildren :) But in the mind time we are planning to have a fun weekend with the kids, they deserve everything because they are doing sooo great! And the weather is getting sooo nice over here! I love April in California!

Have a wonderful weekend!
And see you on Monday
Elsita :)

(This little box can be purchased here.)

Functional Artwork for School Fundraising Event.

This is one of the projects that has kept me busy this week and now I will explain you what it is. Natalie's school has a big fundraising event every year where each one of the classes has to bring a project made with the participation of the students. What you will see in the pictures is the project from Natalie's class.


1. One of the parents got a blank piece of furniture and gave it to Natalie's Mom (that's me) so she could come out with an idea for a project.


2. I cut little birds out of paper for the students at Natalie's class so they could paint on them, that was their job and they did it great!


3. I scanned the birds and wrote the names of the students on them so they were ready to be printed on sticker paper to use later as a collage on the furniture. (All the birds have the same eye which I designed on photoshop, I wanted all of them to have something in common).


4. I arranged the birds on the different sides of the furniture to create cute scenes.


5. I also cut some shapes like trees and flowers out of some sticker papers that come with nice patterns (you can find them at Target).


6. With black Acrylic paint I created fern accents on all the sides of the piece.


7. The final result is a functional artwork that could be: a table, a container for toys and a collage to hang on the wall (the top).

This was a great experience and today I am taking this piece to Natalie's school. The way they sell the piece is through a silent auction, very exciting!

Wish us good luck!!!!
And see you later!
Elsita :)