Two Drawings :)
Winner of the Little Bag! (and something special)

Our Children :)

And today I want to share this little present from Natalie with you :)
I can't even describe what I feel when she comes to me with these kinds or little treasures. She says: I made this for you Mommy! And then she knows that I am going to hug and kiss her and say that she is the most wonderful Artist in the whole world. Being a parent is a very hard thing sometimes but these little moments are worth all the hard work. I am so lucky to be the Mom of Natalie and Diego!


Tomorrow we are going to participate in an important walk over here to raise money for the research about Autism. Bill and I are proud to announce that with the help of lots of wonderful friends here in Hollywood we have raised over $20.000. Diego inspired our friends and relatives to donate money to this important cause and we want to thank each one of them for their generosity. Go Diego go!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday with the news about the winner of the little bag!
Elsita :)