The Lion-Rabbit and His Friend Hormiga :)
Naranjo the Dog and His New Friends!

Great News!


I made this little bird to illustrate the good news that I want to share with you today:
Diego is getting NINE extra hours of DTT (one of the therapies that is helping him so much). Like the little bird in this picture Diego has a great potential for flying but in order for him to do it we needed to provide him with even more help from the outside world. The confirmation of that extra help arrived yesterday and we have been celebrating since then. These few months before Diego turns three are crucial for his development. Our little man has been having sooo much progress! I still cannot believe that he is saying words and even short sentences. He still doesn't do it in a logical way but this a great beginning. It is called echolalia and it means that he repeats words and phrases that he heard before and it is very cute, this is a list of his favorite words and phrases:

Mommy (that one is my favorite :)
Hey, what happens?
There it is! The Monkey!
Where did it go?
Come on! You can do it!
Yes, I want.
Car, Bye-bye car.
Oh no! There it goes!

These are the most popular ones in his repertory :) From echolalia Diego will start making connections with reality and then one day he will be using language as a way to communicate with everyone. And then in a few years I will invite him to write a post right here in this blog!!!

In the mind time have a beautiful Friday, a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!
Elsita :)