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GIVEAWAY: The Wee Reader :)

As I promised on Monday we are having our new giveaway game today!






This time we have a tiny doll and tiny book made out of wood. I painted both of them with acrylic paint and then I drew on the surface with a black pen. As you can see in the pictures they are really small! If you would like to participate in this giveaway game just leave a comment in this post starting today and I will announce the winner on Monday, May 5!

Have a great day!
Elsita :)

Dolls' Clothes.

I just had to get this book!
This book is out on print but you can still find used copies online. The prices are a little high ($ 115 for this one) but in my opinion it's worth every dollar because the content is priceless. I have been dying to learn how to make dolls' clothes from authentic antique patterns and this book was the solution.






And in the pictures you see my first little piece using a pattern from the book (from 1813)! I made the little dolly so she could live in the pocket of the jacket. It makes me happy to hold the jacket and the crazy-looking dolly in my hands :)
I love tiny things.

Now let's have a great day full of nice tiny moments!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Winner of the Little Bag! (and something special)

First of all I want to announce that the winner of the little bag is: Julie! Hola Julie!!! The little bag is packed and ready to go! I gave Diego one of Bill's books and he opened it in page #12 that's how we found out who the winner was. This was the most practical way to do it because if you give Diego a bowl full of little papers he would never pick only one but a whole bunch of them! I want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for participating in this little game and if you happen not to be number 12 don't feel disappointed because I promise to do this game more often. To be more concrete we will have our next giveaway after tomorrow (Wednesday, April 30).

Below you can see a little drawing that I made to say Thank YOU for participating in the little bag giveaway. I wrote your names in the body of the girl :)


And now I want to share something special with you and that is the album of photos from our walk on Saturday April 26. This link will take you to the album where you will see the photos and below the photos you can read the little text explaining everything. I hope that you enjoy it. This event was so important for our family.

Have a wonderful Monday my friend and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Our Children :)

And today I want to share this little present from Natalie with you :)
I can't even describe what I feel when she comes to me with these kinds or little treasures. She says: I made this for you Mommy! And then she knows that I am going to hug and kiss her and say that she is the most wonderful Artist in the whole world. Being a parent is a very hard thing sometimes but these little moments are worth all the hard work. I am so lucky to be the Mom of Natalie and Diego!


Tomorrow we are going to participate in an important walk over here to raise money for the research about Autism. Bill and I are proud to announce that with the help of lots of wonderful friends here in Hollywood we have raised over $20.000. Diego inspired our friends and relatives to donate money to this important cause and we want to thank each one of them for their generosity. Go Diego go!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday with the news about the winner of the little bag!
Elsita :)

Two Drawings :)

And here we have two silly drawings to start the day in a good mood!


I am so excited about who is going to be the winner of the little bag! I asked Diego if he was excited about his job of picking the winner and he said: There is the Monkey!!!! Thank you for your words Diego!
And thank YOU sooo much my friends for all the wonderful comments from yesterday, I deeply appreciate each one of them :)
And now I say Good-Bye while I blink my right eye ;)
See you tomorrow!

Elsita :)

GIVEAWAY: Little Bag with Handmade Buttons :)

I have been sooo curious about Shrink Plastic so I ordered some of this material the other day and I have to say that I love it.





I made the white buttons that you see in the pictures out of shrink plastic, I drew directly on the material with a black pen. And I will be giving this little linen bag away to someone that Diego is going to pick! The little bag comes with a miniature laminated print inside. You can just leave a comment in this post starting today until Sunday at 5:00 PM (see clock on the left sidebar) I will announce the winner on Monday April 28!

Have a great day!
Elsita :)

(And here you can learn more about shrink plastic)

Three Girls :)


Girl playing with snakes.


Girl playing with some sort of snake plant :)

And I am the third girl who is trying to start this day of the week with the best state of mind possible! If you want to join me there is plenty of space in my intergalactic helicopter, I am heading to planet Real Life in just three seconds!!!!

3...2... 1...
See you tomorrooooow!
Elsita :)

Naranjo the Dog and His New Friends!





Buenos Dias!
This little story is dedicated to you because you are reading this right now. Before I had my blog I didn't wake up inspired everyday (not the way it happens now). I am inspired because you are out there and through this blog I can give you something silly to make you smile and feel better in this hard thing called life that we are all part of. I am more busy now than ever before, I go to bed feeling like a run a marathon but knowing that I have this little blog where I can let my imagination fly makes me smile and feel happy. This place wouldn't make any sense without you. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for being out there!

Have a wonderful Monday and see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Great News!


I made this little bird to illustrate the good news that I want to share with you today:
Diego is getting NINE extra hours of DTT (one of the therapies that is helping him so much). Like the little bird in this picture Diego has a great potential for flying but in order for him to do it we needed to provide him with even more help from the outside world. The confirmation of that extra help arrived yesterday and we have been celebrating since then. These few months before Diego turns three are crucial for his development. Our little man has been having sooo much progress! I still cannot believe that he is saying words and even short sentences. He still doesn't do it in a logical way but this a great beginning. It is called echolalia and it means that he repeats words and phrases that he heard before and it is very cute, this is a list of his favorite words and phrases:

Mommy (that one is my favorite :)
Hey, what happens?
There it is! The Monkey!
Where did it go?
Come on! You can do it!
Yes, I want.
Car, Bye-bye car.
Oh no! There it goes!

These are the most popular ones in his repertory :) From echolalia Diego will start making connections with reality and then one day he will be using language as a way to communicate with everyone. And then in a few years I will invite him to write a post right here in this blog!!!

In the mind time have a beautiful Friday, a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!
Elsita :)

The Lion-Rabbit and His Friend Hormiga :)

This is another result of the exploration that I started here. This time I painted on the fabric using acrylic paint instead of ink. I love the way white and red look together, these two colors get alone very well. The Lion Rabbit and his friend hormiga get alone very well too :)



See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)