Lesson: Don't Say Anything, Just Observe!
The Bird-Girl and the Snake.

Paper Sculpture (Little Dress)



And here is the little paper sculpture that I just finished! The paper that I used for this one has a lovely texture that I am really enjoying. I have been craving working with paper for sooo long, the last time I did was last year. This little dress will go soon to my Etsy store. This little dress is already for sell here.I have all these nice papers, sharp scissors and knifes, all I need is TIME. The other day when I went to the Blick store I asked the young man at the cashier (my favorite one, the one with the pierced nose, OUCH) if they had time for sell, like by the hour? But he responded that unfurtunately they didn't have any. I told him that whenever they have some I would like to buy about 1000 hours a month and he said that he would like to do the same thing so there are two of us in the waiting list!

And now it's time to go!
But I will see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

(Bill got me a beautiful colorful pair of sandals and those colors inspired me to make something cute! If I can finish it today I will show it to you tomorrow, paper is also involved in this one. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! :)