Inner Landscape.
Blank Book Project (Day 1)

Blank Book :)


It is hard to think about the fact that my Mom is not going to be around forever. She is such a huge part of who I am. Our relationship has gone through so many stages since I was little until the present. I realize that the way I see her changes as I get older and more mature; the older I get the more I appreciate her in my life. One of the things that have kept our Mother-Daughter relationship healthy is honesty. We tell each other what we think in a very open and direct way and this is something that I want to do with Natalie too.

My Mom is a human being and like everybody else she is not perfect but there is one thing about her that I admire so much and this is that she is never afraid of apologizing for her mistakes. The power of an apology (specially coming from your Mom) is amazing. Not many of us are able to accept in front of our kids that we are not perfect. When we show that human side to our children they grow more self-confident because they realize that they are not the only ones that make mistakes. On the other hand (even though my Mom doesn't agree with it) I haven't been a perfect daughter at all and I realized about that after I became a Mom myself but as Khaled Hosseini said in his book: "It is never too late to be good again".

My Mom is arriving tomorrow and I have a surprise for her. I got that blank moleskine book that you see in the picture and I want to turn it into a special object with her collaboration. I don't know exactly what is going to happen with this little book, I just want the pages to be filled with something new everyday. It could be like a visual dialogue or something like that... My intention is to create something special that we can give to Natalie in the future, a little treasure. Let's just see what happens! Now I have to go but I invite you to follow Elsita and Margot in this Mother-Daughter blank book experience.

See you tomorrow!
Elsita :)