Oscars Report! (PART TWO)
Last Oscars Report (And Something Else :)

Oscars Report! (PART THREE: Someone special)

Diablo Cody (the girl in the picture below) will be seen over and over in the next months on the Internet, in every fashion magazine, on TV, in The New York Times and everywhere. She is the Writer behind Juno, the Little Miss Sunshine film of this last Oscar edition. Diablo which means Devil in Spanish is one of the most fascinating people around and her real name is Brook Busey-Hunt. Now let me tell you why she is special.


Let's take a look at the last words that she said in tears during the acceptance of her Oscar: ...and most of all, I want to thank my family for loving me EXACTLY THE WAY I AM.
How many times do people love other people exactly the way they are? REALLY, I MEAN LITTERALY LOVING WITH NOT JUDGEMENT. Not a long time ago Diablo was a stripper, then later a blogger (she still blogs) and someone trying to find herself in life. She's a smart, creative woman and her sign is Gemini. I have a personal fascination with the sign Gemini that's why last year I made the illustration below dedicated to it:


Gemini represents one of the most complex aspects of human nature which is the need to find who we are is our landscape of multiple personalities. Somehow we all have this Gemini element present in our systems but people like Diablo Cody have it in a deeper level.
Here are some of the things that she has done in her life:

*She attended a Roman Catholic school.
*She graduated from the University of Iowa with a media studies degree.
*While at the University of Iowa, Cody was a DJ at KRUI-FM (89.7 FM)
*Her first jobs were doing secretarial work at a Chicago law firm and later proofreading copy for advertisements that played on Twin Cities radio stations.
*She started blogging.
*Cody signed up for amateur night at a Minneapolis strip club called the Skyway Lounge.
*She eventually quit her day job and took up stripping full-time.
*Cody also spent time working peep shows at Sex World, a Minneapolis adult novelty and DVD store.
*Eventually she became disillusioned with stripping and switched to phone sex before eventually returning to stripping.
*Cody soon made a retreat to more traditional employment in journalism, and a budding writing career stimulated by her skin trade days.
*While still stripping, Cody began writing for City Pages, an alternative Twin Cities weekly newspaper.
*Cody debuted as Entertainment Weekly magazine's newest Backpage columnist.
*At the age of 24, Cody wrote her memoir Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper.
*After completion of her book, Cody was encouraged to write her first screenplay.
*Within months she wrote Juno... and the rest is history.


Some time ago I made this other illustration called Cactus Girl dedicated to all the girls who needed to grow thorns in their skin in order to survive the desert of obstacles that they had to go through before they found themselves. Diablo Cody could be the girl in this illustration. She was one of the most genuinely happy winners on Sunday and she had all the reasons in the world for it. Before her success Diablo Cody experienced in her own skin the pain of not being in the right place in life, that's why her award tasted even sweeter than it tasted for other people because she has finally found herself in the rewards that her creative work is giving her. And here is when I would like to say that Diablo has all my respect as a woman and as an Artist and I give her a well deserved 10. This girl has NEVER EVER stopped being herself and expressing her very personal nature in the way that she needed to do it at every given moment in her life. She is and will be the target of a lot of people who will always find reasons to criticize and judge her but I won't be in that group, instead I want to say: Diablo, I also love you exactly THE WAY YOU ARE. In the end you have made of yourself the best person that you can be and that's why you deserve to enjoy your success. Go Diablo Go!!!

Have great day!
And I will be back tomorrow with more!
Elsita :)

And here you can listen to an interview with Diablo Cody.(Thank you so much Denise for letting me know about this interview!)