Pre-Oscar Day!
Oscar Report Almost Ready!

Come to the Oscars with Me!!!!





And here are a few photos of my Oscar dress and I! Look for me on TV in a few hours! If I am wearing a shawl later due to the low temperature you can still look for the helmet-style top of my head, which doesn't deserve to be called haircut or hairstyle. Mami, ver a ver si me ves! (Sorry for the interruption, I was talking to my Mom!) Remember, we will be behind the stars trying to stay there as long as possible. Keep an eye on the security people and see how they will keep asking our behind-the-stars group to move move move, keep moving, keep moving please. We will move a little bit but then we will come back pretending that we have to say something to someone up there... That's more or less how it works! Super silly but lots of fun!

I will be back with an Oscars report as soon as I can!
Have fun you too!
Elsita :)