The Dress!
Today: Challenging Day!

Yesterday: GREAT DAY!

Oh my dear friends!!! I have sooo much to tell you about!!! First of all it was a real torture having to wait until today for saying THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful comments about El Jardin de Maria Julia. Every word that you wrote means the world to me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Yesterday was one of those super busy-hard-beautiful days and here is the whole story about it. Early in the morning I posted the pictures of the dress since I have been so excited about sharing them with you and then I run back to all the things that I had to do with the kids. Natalie has been sick for a few days but yesterday I realized that the cough wasn’t going away but getting deeper so I decided to take her to the Dr. but the challenge was that Diego had his speech therapy from 11:00 AM to 12:00 and then at 3:00 PM I had to be ready in a black tie outfit in order to join Bill for something important that I will tell you about later. Remember that this is Los Angeles, which is a huge city where you have to drive long distances for going everywhere. Well, somehow I managed to do everything including going to the post office and to the pharmacy for Natalie’s medicine. It turns out that she needs antibiotics for a few days, I am so glad that I took her to the Dr. Once at home I was able to sit for five minutes in order to let know Lois, Danielle, Nikki and Shannon that I had shipped her little things from Etsy. I was also able to read some of your amazing comments about the dress and I was almost in tears ready to star writing…when Bill called saying that he was almost home. I wasn’t ready at all for going to the black tie event so I had to interrupt my reading and run to get ready, which I did in a record time. Suddenly there was a big limo in front of our house and a few minutes later we were in “Hollywoodland” with all the famous people. It was very surreal but lots of fun. This event was the Critics Choice Awards. You know how tough critics in Hollywood could be so it was remarkable that The Kite Runner was nominated for different categories. One of them (my favorite) it was for Best Young Actor for the boy that you would love when you see the movie and his name is Ahmad Khan M.. This little boy is a real person from the real world from Afghanistan who has had a hard life since he was a baby and he could never imagine that he was going to play an important role in a movie. Well my friends, sometimes life is fair and this time it was: HE WON THE AWARD!!! And Bill had the honor to pick it up for him and say some touching words to the audience about this little boy. It was all on TV and I feel bad that I wasn’t even aware that this event was going to be on TV otherwise I would let you know in advance.

The first half of the day was hard, I got so tired, I even forgot to have lunch and then the second part was great, starting with the reading of your comments about the dress (THANK YOU AGAIN!!!). This event that we attended was so especial! There were lots of famous and remarkable people over there but not in the celebrity superficial spirit but the opposite. The whole energy was so human, there were some touching moments like when they honored Don Cheadle for his amazing humanitarian work in South Africa (learn about this here). George Clooney was in charge of this part of the event and he was great, very funny, smart, deep and original in his comments (he was looking good too). Some of my favorite moments of the night were number one: when I had the privilege to give Julian Schnabel a big hug and tell him how much I loved his movie and what I great director I think he is. He was sooo nice and he even said some words in Spanish. The second incredible moment was getting to met a couple that you may have heard about: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie :0 :o :b :0 :9 (the two pictures that you will see in this link are actual pictures from last night, we were not allowed to take a camera with us :( that's why I don't have pictures taken by myself) Here my friends is the part when we make a pause and SIGH………………………. These two people are REALLY beautiful and gifted by nature, especially Angelina. Forget about her celebrity and everything, even if you had no idea of who she was and you see her in person you would think that she comes from another planet. She is a stunning woman STUNNING with capital letters, even her tattoos look delicate and nice in person. On the other hand Brad is such a down to earth guy and so easy to talk with. He and Bill had a little conversation about something that I didn’t even know about and that’s a trip that they did to Mexico in 1992 for some movie related reason, they were happy to see each other after so many years and I was happy about seeing them happy. I am telling you; this part was very surreal I was wondering whether the whole thing was real or if I was just dreaming. I thought that I was going to wake up in my apartment in Havana and go back to normal life thinking like: what a crazy dream I had last night! I was meeting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But somehow the whole thing kept going. After the awards there was a party where we went only for a few minutes. Guess what kind of music they had?: Cuban Music!!!! So nobody could stop me from dancing a little bit with Bill and that was the perfect way to say good night to our friends over there!
Now something important is going to happen today: Diego will start the most intense of all his therapies with someone that will work with him four times a week for three hours each day. This therapy is known as DTT and everybody tells me that it is amazing. I am sooo excited about it!!! Thank you sooo much for reading this looong post and see you very soon!!!!
Elsita ;)