Lots of Water!
Yesterday: GREAT DAY!

The Dress!

And here is El Jardin de Maria Julia for you:






Making this dress dedicated to Maria Julia was a wonderful experience for me. It helped my Mom and I talk about my Grandma in a deep way and it made me even more aware about how important are the lessons that pass from one generation of women to another. By creating this piece I felt that I was making something not only for myself but also for my Grandma for my Mom and for my daughter Natalie. I believe that objects can carry a lot of human energy when they are made with love that’s why through this dress I wanted to tell my Mom and Natalie how much I love them and how much I celebrate the fact that we are women. I will wear El Jardin de Maria Julia with pride and I will pass it to Natalie so she can wear it in the future when she becomes a woman.