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I magine the emotional world as a box containing an invisible landscape. Each one of our landscapes has an unique flora and fauna because every human being is different. Now, there is one thing that we all need in order to stay alive and that it oxygen. If we close the door to our emotional world we will get limited amounts of oxygen and breathing will become hard and our invisible flora and fauna will suffer a lot. But if we open that door and share our little landscape with other people we will instantly feel better. I am always looking for ways to keep the door to my emotional world open and I do this specially through my art. Having this blog has been also one of the best sources of oxygen in my life. Many of us are afraid of sharing our feelings with other people because we don’t want to become too fragile or vulnerable but the truth is that there are lots of great human beings out there in the world who are sensitive and who have a lot to give to you. I do the best I can in order to keep my fears away from my self-expression. Keeping everything for myself won’t make me a better person anyway. Now if we feel shy or prefer privacy we just need to be creative; sometimes with a little bit of creativity we can say the most difficult things. And as long as we keep expressing ourselves we will never run out of oxygen.
Let's keep breathing!!
And see you tomorrow!
Elsita :)

Little gift:
I will be sending a tiny card with the illustration that you see up there and the text of this post on the back of the card to 5 of my blogger friends. If you want one of them just let me know here with a comment and then send me an e-mail with your address :)