Dinner To Celebrate The Movie.
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly.

The Kite Runner Premiere.

I am back!!!
OK, the premiere was WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL! It was one of those nights that I will always remember as something very especial. As you know the quality of any event has everything to do with the quality of the people in it and the people who came to the premiere last night were just great. Making a movie like The Kite Runner takes hundreds of people and traveling and lots of planning and work and everything that you can imagine in terms of human dedication. By the time the movie is finished the whole crew becomes like a big family. The movie itself and what you will see out there is only a little part of a much bigger picture. Last night it was a possibility for that huge family to get together and have a great time and celebrate the results of such a great effort. It was a privilege for me to witness something so especial.

Now let's talk for a second about my dream dress and the whole fashion thing. In the end Anthropologie didn't have the dress that I wanted and I couldn't go to other stores because I was really busy transporting the pieces that didn't sell from the gallery to my studio. So in a case like this my solution is always to grab the gray Hollywood uniform that has saved my life so many times. Then I added a couple of accessories and I was ready to go! I wasn't looking especial at all but at least the fashion police didn't stop me. I wore the most comfortable shoes that I have which are almost invisible and I was more than happy to go out and have a great time. A long time ago I learned that what really matters in order to have a great time is not the way you look but the way you feel and I was feeling very comfortable with my plain clothes and simple shoes.

The first thing of the night was the red carpet walk, then the movie and after the movie a wonderful dinner.
I never stopped laughing because I spent lots of time with a friend of mine that I adore, he is the funniest man on earth. Everything that he says is funny. His name is Phil Bray and he is a super talented photographer. He gave me two beautiful photographs last night from the movie as a present and this was a beautiful surprise. Thank you sooo much Phil!

And now you can see some of the photos that I took!
(The ones that I am in were taken by Phil Bray).
I leave you with them!!!
Elsita :)


Elsa and Bill in their Hollywood uniforms. Bill's "fashion statement" of the night: Who said that I have to wear black shoes with my dark suit? Elsa's statement of the night: Who said that I have to wear shoes at all?


Elsita's portrait by Phil Bray at home before we left for the premiere.


Elsita and Darrel Couturier.


We made it! This must be the place!


The Egyptian Theater, that's it.


A family picture please?


Shohreh Aghdashloo.


Lights and people and movement.


Atossa Leoni and Bill.


Atossa again!


Great to see you man!!!!! (Bill and Homayoun Ershadi)


Homayoun Ershadi who plays Baba in the movie, you will love him.




Bill, Rebecca and Homayoun.


Bill looking at me and Alberto Iglesias.


From left to right: Jim Tauber Bill and Sidney kimmel. The three of them run Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.


Rebecca Yeldham and his partner Curtis Hanson. Rebecca produced The Motorcycle Diaries and Curtis directed 8 Mile. They have a beautiful son named Rio.


David Benioff.


From left to right: Bill, Sidney Kimmel, Khaled Hosseini and Marc Forster..


Director Marc Forster on the right and the Writer Khaled Hosseini on the left.


From left to right: Caroline Kimmel, Sydney Kimmel, Hosseini's wife, Khaled and Bill.


Khalid Abdalla and his beautiful girlfriend. Khalid is the protagonist in The Kite Runner.


The man who taught the Director and everybody else how to fly a kite. He looked sooo happy with his beautiful family.


Abdalla's Dad and sister.


Marc Forster and Sidney Kimmel.


Will Ferrel walking really fast!


Will Ferrel still walking fast.