Exciting News!

The Lesson.


Today we had a nice conversation with one of Diego's Therapists after our regular session with him. She was noticing how much Diego is changing since she started working with him; he makes much more eye contact, he is much more interested in people, it is easier to engage him into different games etc. She was asking us about what we were doing different that is helping him so much. The answer was: more quality time with him (and with each one of the members of our family too), more playing and music and dancing and more talking to him, more games and in general more awareness of how much he needs us.

I think that we became better parents since we found out that Diego was Autistic. Not that we were bad parents before but now we spend lots of more energy with our children. Our lives are definitely changing since the diagnosis because we are much more connected to each other. That's why I always say that somehow Diego is teaching us a big lesson. I took this picture of him the other day at the park and I love it! He was so excited playing and running and having fun and then he stopped for a second to "think" as he usually does. Symbolically this picture reminds me that it doesn’t matter how busy you are or how crazy life might be at the moment, you can always stop for a second and be aware of yourself, of the people that you care about and the world in general. I want to keep this picture close to my desk so I can always remember this idea :)
Thank you Diego! You are the best "Maestro" that I ever had!