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November 2007

The Lesson.


Today we had a nice conversation with one of Diego's Therapists after our regular session with him. She was noticing how much Diego is changing since she started working with him; he makes much more eye contact, he is much more interested in people, it is easier to engage him into different games etc. She was asking us about what we were doing different that is helping him so much. The answer was: more quality time with him (and with each one of the members of our family too), more playing and music and dancing and more talking to him, more games and in general more awareness of how much he needs us.

I think that we became better parents since we found out that Diego was Autistic. Not that we were bad parents before but now we spend lots of more energy with our children. Our lives are definitely changing since the diagnosis because we are much more connected to each other. That's why I always say that somehow Diego is teaching us a big lesson. I took this picture of him the other day at the park and I love it! He was so excited playing and running and having fun and then he stopped for a second to "think" as he usually does. Symbolically this picture reminds me that it doesn’t matter how busy you are or how crazy life might be at the moment, you can always stop for a second and be aware of yourself, of the people that you care about and the world in general. I want to keep this picture close to my desk so I can always remember this idea :)
Thank you Diego! You are the best "Maestro" that I ever had!

Exciting News!

I wanted to let you know that something very exciting is about to happen! On December 4th we will attend the premiere of what I consider one of the most important movies in Bill's career as a Film Producer (Bill's real name is William Horberg).This is a movie based on The Kite Runner a best seller book written by Khaled Hosseini. (The movie has the same name as the book). This book (the first one in Hosseini's carreer) came out in 2004 and touched the heart of millions of people all over the world. The Director is Marc Forster who in my opinion is one of the finest directors right now and an incredible human being. I have to say the same thing about the Writer Khaled Hosseini and the Actor who leads the story in the movie Khalid Abdalla. It was a magic combination of people connected to the making of this movie and that magic shows in the results.

I was lucky enough to witness the politically complex process of the making of this movie from the beginning and one of the best parts of it was meeting with so many talented people. I think that what I appreciate the most from the book and the movie is all the things that I learned about a country that I was so ignorant about: Afghanistan. I learned about this country and its culture but I also learned that it doesn't matter where you come from, when it comes to human conflicts/emotions we are all the same.


This is a cute picture with Hosseini the Writer (with the black suit on the left), Abdalla the Actor (with the dark t-shirt) Abdalla's parents a young Actress and Darrel Couturier from when they came to see my show while they were promoting the movie here in Los Angeles.

And of course the most important thing is the trailer that you can watch right here. I highly recommend you to see this movie when it comes out very soon. And also let's be alert since it will be considered for Oscars nominations!!! After so much hard work the best part is about to begin! I will keep you updated!
Elsita :)

(For a lot of more information about the movie check out this web-site)

I Have Been Tagged.

I have been tagged by Megan Auman who is in my opinion one of the most amazing jewelry makers, I LOVE her work.

And here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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1. I think that the most terrible thing that could ever happen to me would be loosing my teeth (especially the ones that are visible when I smile) and then having to go out and function normally until I got false ones. I imagine people pretending that everything looked just so normal with me. And then would I say: did you notice how I lost my “teethzzz”? And they would answer: Really? I didn’t notice it at all.


2. I think that there is something so sweet about old men wearing toupees. Particularly the ones that choose the wrong color and even more the ones that are absolutely convinced that the rest of us think that that’s their natural hair.


3. I only wear digital watches. I have a hard time finding out what time it is with regular watches with the little hands. I still feel like when I was in the third grade trying to learn how watches work. I think that there is something tiny missing in my brain. When I had my first regular watch and people asked me the time I felt my face turning read and instead of telling them the time I showed them my watch so they could find out by themselves.


4. I never stop wondering why human beings invented high heal. To me this is one of the most non-human creations ever, yet I love how they look. I always imagine that people from another planet would have a hard time understanding why we wear high heals. I only do it when it is absolutely a must and then by the end of the night I find myself barefoot (like at my last opening). And regarding walking shoes I always buy them a size bigger so my feet can feel free to move around as if they were in a big house.


5. I feel guilty when I take a bath. I see all that amount of water only for myself and I remember the old times when I was growing up in Cuba. I had to carry my own water to the bathroom everyday in a container. Water was precious over there and it still is. Now I feel that taking a bath is some form of selfish luxury. I feel less guilty when I take a quick shower.

And here are the people that I tagged:

1. The amazing team that runs detailsstore on Etsy. I am completely in love with their felt creatures. This one and this one make me cry.

2. Ashley Anna Brown an Artist that I admire so much. I love absolutely everything that she makes. She has magical hands.

3. Danita who is a Primitive Folk Artist . She creates the sweetest characters and they all make me smile. Take a look at this doll and also this one.

4. Dalinda. I love her sense of color and design in all her creations. For example this little bird is so simple and perfect at the same time.

5. Sue Bithell. Her creations are just so unique and full of personality. Look how perfect this felt purse is.

New Little Drawings.


Mommy and Me.


Big Snow Man and little Snow Boy.


Brother and Sister.


We Are Connected.


Girl Enjoying Nature.


New Haircut.


Loving Heart.




Girl With Magic Flower.


Important Event.


Beautiful Teeth.

As soon as I have a second I will start listing these little drawings on my Etsy store :)
I had so much fun creating them! There is something very relaxing about drawing these silly characters.

Very Special Days.


Thanksgiving Day was intense and fun for us. First thing in the morning we went to the park with the children and had a great time. They really LOVE going to the park. And we love seeing them happy.


Around 4:30 PM we arrived in our friend's home for the big Thanksgiving dinner. Everything looked so beautiful! As always we were the early birds :)


What can I say about the party? IT WAS PERFECT. The food was amazing plus there were lots of wonderful people; old people, young people, cool people, funny people. During the party everyone was supposed to fill up some papers with a list of things that we were thankful for. The best part of the night was when someone started reading these papers. MY GOD! Some of them said the funniest things that I ever heard we couldn't stop laughing.


Next day we drove up to the mountains and on Saturday we took the kids to the desert. We just spent time over there in the middle of nowhere with nature and the children loved it.


As much as Bill and I did.



In the end we even had the privilege of a solo concert by Bill and his flute :)

I am tired now but I am so happy. I am so thankful for days like these!
In my list at the party this is what I wrote:
I am thankful for:
*My amazing family (Bill, Miro, Natalie, Diego and my loved ones in Florida, Chicago and Cuba).
*All the wonderful help that we are getting for Diego and the progress that he is having.
*My art
*My old friends.
*My new friends

And when I said new friends I was thinking about the beautiful people that I have met through this blog and through my Etsy store. Your time and generosity when you leave me a comment or share something with me or just stop by to take a look at what I do, these things make me the happiest person ever and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. So let's continuous this adventure!!!
I will be back soon!
Elsita :)

Busy, Busy, Busy :)

I am back! We just got home from the mountains where we spent the weekend. We haven't stopped since Friday! I can't wait to take a little brake. Tomorrow Monday a good friend of mine is coming for a visit, she will spent the night in our home and then she will leave on Tuesday. Tomorrow Diego has his Speech Therapy too; it will be another busy day. I can't wait to tell you more about our Thanksgiving Day and about this weekend. We had a great time!!! In the few free minutes that I had in these days I finished a series of cute little drawings. They are a little bigger than the previous ones and the paper is also different. You will see them as soon as I have the photos. I will be back with more!!
Elsita :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello my friend! I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Today we are having an intense family day. We will be doing lots of fun things and in the afternoon we will be having dinner with some great friends. For all of you that are feeling lonely today I send you a big hug, you will be in my thoughts. I will be back with photos etc! Be happy! Elsita :)

Ellephandos The Fashion Designer.




Ellephandos is a young Fashion Designer. His designs are relaxed, fresh and appropriate for those elephants with unique personalities. He is becoming very popular in his town now. Ellephandos and his four last designs are traveling soon. They will meet Danielle who is an amazing Dollmaker. Danielle has the most amazing christmas tree ever. This tree is all decorated with dolls that she has been carefully collecting. It takes her a looong time and loooots of work to put this tree together. Bye bye Ellephandos!

Ideas are Everywhere!


Ideas are like little birds and wild flowers; they are always out there flying around or growing in unexpected places. Potential good ideas are everywhere in the things that we see, smell, hear, taste or touch, and they come to life through our personal experiences. This little girl knows that and that's why she has her eyes wide open so she doesn't miss what life has to offer. My daughter Natalie inspired this little girl. When we go out with her she sees so many things that the rest of us can't see. She sees every single cat hiding around, the tiny flowers growing by the sidewalk, she notices peoples faces and asks about their expressions, she sees the clouds and their shapes...I love going out with her! After we come back home she starts drawing and I am always amazed by her new ideas. She is one of my best sources of inspirations :)



This little drawing was inspired by the picture of Diego and Bill in my previous post. I noticed that a lot of parents at the Zoo were carrying their children like Bill did with Diego and that made me remember of the old times when my Dad used to do the same with me. I loved it! I thought that I was a giant! I could see the whole world from up there. I miss that but more than that I miss my Dad. One day I will tell you more about him.