New Little Guys.
Within Reach.

Who is She?

This is a friend of mine.
And what you see up here is the only single picture that she has from when she was younger. In the picture she was eighteen and now she is an old lady. By the time this picture was taken this person had already experienced so many hard things in her life. If pictures could talk! She lost her mother when she was only fourteen after a long and painful illness. She took care of her the whole time. Her Dad was a drunk. At a very young age she run away with her boyfriend in order to be loved and he ended up being not so good as she expected. She had kids with him and then they got divorced. She raised the kids all by herself. One of her children was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and she took care of her since then, another one became an alcoholic and later got sober. The other two moved away from her when they were still young. And all that didn’t stop her from being strong and from having dreams. She is a real fighter to me.
Anytime when I am under the pressure of life I remember my friend and I immediately feel stronger. People around us are there for a reason; they are a source of inspiration.
That’s why I love people, all kinds of people. I think that everyone has something to teach to the rest of us.
(By the way this person also happens to be my Mom).